Remote Access Software as a Powerful Corporate Solution

The latest release of Anyplace Control presents a new word in corporate oriented remote access software solutions. From this moment big organizations, remote desktop support companies and corporations are able to have their own powerful and reliable PC remote control solution.

In a fast moving technology world, still there are people who barely knows how to operate a PC and consistently need remote desktop support. If you are an individual PC remote control solution user - there is no difference which remote access software to use. But if you are a big corporation, powerful PC remote control solution should be used a priori. Thus, there are two way outs - either to develop your own remote access software or to use a ready remote desktop access solution.

Anyplace Control Software - the vendor of PC remote control software (like "PC Anywhere") offers an Fully Customized Unlimited Corporate Edition. This remote desktop edition is developed individually to each customer, all requirements and wishes are taken into consideration during PC remote control solution development. New feature - an ability to access a remote desktop via Proxy Server is a good news for those, who has this requirement for remote access software as a vital one. All corporate users of PC remote control edition may put their private label on the solution. It would make a positive effect for company's users, who may proud that their remote desktop supporters has own PC remote control solution.

Besides all benefits, corporate remote access software edition is foreseen to be installed on a company's own dedicated server. It means total autonomy, maximum security and life-time usage of remote desktop control edition. Access permissions policies for different admin staff to connect to remote desktop can be based on their personal user names and passwords. Being similar to PC Anywhere, but at the same time more powerful, Anyplace Control steadily wins PC remote control software users audience.

The remote access software consists of Admin and Host modules that should be installed on the local and remote computer. The PC remote control program requires both computers to be hooked to each other via the Internet or a local network (like PC Anywhere). Remote desktop connection is possible in two ways, either in LAN via IP address or over the Internet using an account name and a nickname. In last case, remote access software may connect to remote PC bypassing routers and firewalls automatically. Moreover it isn't necessary to open any ports in firewall that allows keeping a high security level. So there is no need neither for users of remote desktop connection solution nor for admins to tweak network settings at all which makes PC remote control easy to implement.


Anyplace Control Software

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