Refurbished Lab Equipment Sale Announced by Organomation

Berlin, MA – Organomation announces a sale on a wide variety of newly refurbished laboratory evaporators and extractors in the company's official online store.  The evaporator manufacturer fully stands behind the quality of their products by offering a one year warranty on their factory refurbished instruments.  Laboratories can purchase these instruments at up to 50% off of the list price of a new instrument.

Known for producing a wide range of blowdown evaporators, Organomation has been able to meet the sample preparation needs of laboratories worldwide.  The manufacturer has obtained a number of pre-owned instruments from end users who were interested in trading in instruments to receive a discount on newer models.  Organomation technicians thoroughly examine and test each unit to guarantee performance.

Sales and Marketing Manager, David Oliva, stated that, “as the only true experts of Organomation equipment, we feel that we are in the best position to refurbish our long lasting evaporators and extractors.  By offering a full one year warranty, we stand behind our pre-owned equipment with full confidence.

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