Refractron Porous Ceramic Diffusers Efficient and Inert

Diffusers made of Refractron aluminum oxide porous ceramic achieve high diffusion and sparging efficiencies, and then stand up to chemicals and gasses that destroy most non-ceramic materials.

Refractron ceramic diffusers are made by fusing aluminum oxide grains using a porcelain bond for a strong, uniformly porous and homogeneous structure that create the finest bubbles.

Refractron diffuser shapes include 2.5 inch tubes, seven and nine inch discs, 12 inch square plates and the company's patented seven-inch Solidome(TM).

Typical applications include aeration in municipal wastewater plants, diffusion for chemical reactions, oxygen diffusion, sparging in pharmaceutical processing, and for aquaculture and hydroponics applications. Refractron porous ceramic is inert to the strong oxidizing effects of ozone, making it an excellent choice for ozone diffusion for drinking water.

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