Redpine Signals Demonstrates Its Lite-Fi(TM) Ultra Low Power 802.11n Wi-Fi® Connectivity on Infineon Technologies S-GOLD® 3H/MP-EH Mobile Platform

Redpine's 802.11n solution achieves less than 1 mW in standby associated mode and more than 200 hours of talk time on a 800 mAH battery for VoWiFi

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 11 / / -- GSMA Mobile World Congress -- Redpine Signals, Inc., a leading developer of ultra low power multi-standard OFDM and MIMO silicon-based solutions, today announced the availability and successful integration of its Lite-Fi(TM) RS9110 silicon solution on Infineon's MP-EH mobile platform. The RS9110 solution enables the Infineon platform to provide ultra-low power 802.11n connectivity at a cost similar to or less than that of current 802.11b/g solutions. The solution achieves breakthrough power consumption numbers of less than 1 mW while remaining associated with a Wi-Fi(R) network, while enabling more than 200 hours of talk time on a 800 mAH battery for a VoWiFi call. For a live demo, visit Redpine's Mobile World Congress booth (2.1D75) in Hall 2.1.

"The RS9110's high performance and low power design is backed by over 100 patents in all the relevant areas of architecture, signal processing, algorithms and low power silicon- and system-level implementation. It has been hand-crafted to deliver significantly superior wireless performance on a small silicon area. Wireless performance directly translates to power savings, and the RS9110 stands out in performance -- for instance, it handles 54 Mbps streams coming through a channel characterized by ETSI-C multipath at an industry-leading signal-to-noise ratio of 27 dB," said Mr. Venkat Mattela, Chief Executive Officer of Redpine Signals Inc. "With Wireless LAN becoming more and more prevalent in offices, homes and public hotspots, WLAN spectrum is becoming increasingly crowded. Wi-Fi based on 802.11n will enable capacity to increase while maintaining and enhancing user experience in these scenarios," he said.

The RS9110 is the world's first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED(TM) 802.11n SDIO card solution. It is specifically targeted to mobile and handheld consumer devices with targeted functionality for power-saving voice/video traffic (WMMPower Save(TM)) and for ease of establishing secure connectivity (Wi-Fi Protected Setup(TM), WPS).

The RS9110 incorporates several key features that make it ideal for integration into mobile platforms: (1) an optimized Bluetooth coexistence mechanism, (2) a specially designed mechanism to allow addition of user memory through the same SDIO interface, and (3) the ability to provide a conduit, via a single SDIO interface, for the attachment of other devices or functions to any of the peripheral interfaces of RS9110. This multi-function mode, for instance, can be used to attach a Bluetooth or GPS device to the platform without the need to dedicate a separate host interface for the purpose. The mixed WLAN-memory mode enables, for instance, the provision of a mini-SD card with WLAN and attached micro-SD memory - using only a single SDIO interface to the host.

The RS9110 incorporates a proprietary ultra low power multi-thread layer-2 processor that not only provides a unique degree of protocol handling within the silicon but also provides a power-efficient offload of some critical layer-3 functionality. The RS9110 is accompanied by device drivers for various operating systems, including Windows Mobile 5, Linux, Windows XP and Vista. Drivers are also available for other operating systems. Redpine provides reference designs for SiP, MiniSD, MicroSD & SD Card form factors.

Emerging new applications on Feature Phones require an ultra low power Wi-Fi connectivity to complement the existing power usage model. "Our MP-EH HSDPA platform provides the smallest footprint 7.2Mbps HSDPA solution on the market with performance exceeding the requirements of 3GPP and flexibility to upgrade to higher data rates for the midrange and low-cost market segments," said Clemens Jargon, Vice President & General Manager of Feature Phone Business Unit of Infineon Technologies AG . "The platform incorporates advanced multimedia accelerators and flexible I/O options. Coupled with Redpine Signals' ultra low power 802.11n solution, the MP-EH platform accelerates Wi-Fi adoption and enables new applications on Feature Phones," he added.


Redpine's RS9110-based SD card reference design is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED for 802.11n draft 2.0 by the Wi-Fi Alliance, and is the industry's first SDIO card to achieve this certification. In addition to enabling our customers' first-to-market advantage, Redpine's RS9110-based SD Card reference design enables 300% more data throughput over a SDIO interface versus competing solutions.

"802.11n draft 2.0 is an advanced standard for delivering increased throughput, improved range and Quality of Service (QoS) for enhanced multimedia capabilities. In achieving Wi-Fi CERTIFIED for 802.11n draft 2.0, Redpine Signals has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring industry interoperability and the best experience for Wi-Fi users," said Wi-Fi Alliance Senior Director, Karen Hanley.

A searchable Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products database is available at

Visit us at Mobile World Congress

Redpine will be hosting a booth at the annual Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona in February 2008 (Feb. 11 - 14). Visit us in Hall 2.1, Booth # 2.1D75.

About Redpine Signals, Inc.

Founded in 2001, Redpine Signals is a fabless semiconductor company driving Wi-Fi(R) +WiMAX(R)convergence products for mobile, consumer and enterprise applications with sustainable differentiation in power and performance. Using its extensive patent portfolio in ultra low power OFDM and MIMO technologies, Redpine is making wireless convergence a reality.

Redpine is headquartered in San Jose, California with a development center in Hyderabad, India.

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