Red Wing Software® Committed to Agricultural Interoperability

Joins AgGateway to Help Enable Ag Programs to Work Together

Red Wing, MN - September 28, 2017 - Red Wing Software, developer of accounting and payroll solutions since 1979, has joined and is active with AgGateway, an organization whose goal is to enable an expand eBusiness in agriculture. Red Wing Software welcomes integration opportunities with other agricultural programs. AgGateway’s ADAPT (Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit) framework provides a new and universal method of sharing data between applications. AgGateway is a non-profit consortium of businesses serving the agriculture industry, with the mission to promote, enable and expand eBusiness in agriculture.

Red Wing Software is a member of AgGateway serving on the Allied Provider Council, the Precision Ag Council and contributing to both the business and technical ADAPT committees. ADAPT is an open source toolkit for use by the precision ag industry, and provides an easy-to-use industry framework, with tools to simplify communication between growers, their machines, and their partners.

“Technology is rapidly advancing in agriculture, providing more information from multiple sources that collectively can aid in making better business decisions. Red Wing Software is proud to participate in the enabling of these multiple technologies to work together,” says Dick Moore, Red Wing Software Manager of Development. “Growers today can electronically capture what they’ve applied in the field, monitor conditions during the growing season, and measure the results at harvest. However, using that information to make better decisions that maximize profitability and return on investment, requires all of that data be available. Creating a single framework to universally share that data is an exciting development!”

Red Wing Software is committed to expanding interoperability between its CenterPoint Accounting application and other software using the ADAPT framework. Companies looking to partner and provide connectivity between their application and CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture should call Dick Moore at 800-732-9464.

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