Recycling Machinery Manufacturer Hosts U.S. Senator Carper for Small Business Roundtable

Precision AirConvey CEO Tom Embley Presents Recycling Innovations, Voices Concerns

Newark, DE: When it comes to investing in the green technology needed to create green jobs and safeguard the environment, American small businesses are doing their part, according to Tom Embley, CEO of recycling machinery manufacturer Precision AirConvey ( Mr. Embley recently hosted Delaware's U.S. Senator Thomas Carper for a roundtable discussion on small business at the company's Newark, Delaware headquarters where he addressed how economic policies impact the ability to expand operations, develop new technologies and create jobs. Embley cited current and proposed federal tax policies as the greatest hindrances to employment growth in small business. The event also featured live demonstrations of the company's slate of recycling machinery including a plastic film roll splitter, plastic waste repelletizer and plastic waste densifier, which converts plastic shopping bags and other post-consumer plastic waste into bricks ready for recycling.

"I was impressed with the technology we saw during our tour, especially as it relates to recycling," wrote Senator Carper, who is a member of the Senate subcommittee on Green Jobs and the New Economy and founder and co-chairman of the Senate Recycling Caucus, in a note to The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) following his tour. "It was a good opportunity to see firsthand some of the work being done in the plastics industry." Precision AirConvey manufactures pneumatic conveying systems and auxiliary equipment to help plastics processors, converters and other companies capture and recycle their waste material.

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