Recent Acquisition Puts Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. in the Driver's Seat to Enable the Most Advanced and Feature-rich Connected Car in the Industry

IMS to integrate Intellione's advanced wireless road traffic technology into its telematics and mobile solutions

ATLANTA - Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS), the leader in developing and delivering advanced, end-to-end mobile in-car solutions, today announced its plans to integrate Intellione's wireless road traffic conditions technology into its DriveSync(TM) and iLane(TM) products as well as new IMS solutions set to launch in the near future. This exciting partnership is a result of the company's recent acquisition of Atlanta-based Intellione, which will become known as Urban Informatics Corporation (UIC) following the completion of the acquisition.

Today, iLane automatically notifies drivers of new in-coming emails and reads them on command, which users can then reply to, forward, delete or call back. In addition, iLane enables voice-interactive access to other smartphone features and on-demand content such as calendar appointments, SMS, phone calls and a library of content including news, weather and sports. With the integration of Urban Informatics Corporation technology, iLane users will enjoy on-demand, timely, accurate and detailed traffic congestion information on roadways throughout North America and abroad.

DriveSync is the leading end-to-end, turn-key telematics platform that can be used for a variety of industries such as usage-based insurance (UBI), fleet management and road tolling programs. The integration of Urban Informatics Corporation technology will further DriveSync's leadership by enabling the delivery of accurate and reliable traffic information to drivers in a seamless, natural and effective manner.

"The recent acquisition of Intellione and the integration of its staff and leading traffic technology into IMS solutions is extremely exciting for IMS," said Dr. Otman Basir, Chief Executive Officer, IMS. "There is a significant demand for reliable, accurate and timely traffic information for drivers, and we are now positioned to offer even more value to our connected car portfolio."

"We are excited to become part of the IMS family, and I look forward to integrating our products to provide the most compelling and exciting vehicle centric solutions in the industry," said David Winters, formerly the CEO of IntelliOne who has joined Urban Informatics Corporation as the General Manager of UIC, Telematics.

About IMS Connected Car Platform

The IMS Connected Car platform is a comprehensive, voice-interactive, in-vehicle solution that provides drivers with access to time-sensitive information and on-demand content. Applications include on-demand navigation and traffic, third-party services such as news, weather and sports from leading content providers, and open access to the web.

Further, it offers usage-based telematics solutions such as Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) offerings, road-tolling programs, Fleet Services and Government Programs. The IMS Connected Car platform will also allow for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure capabilities such as traffic light connectivity, mobile payments, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and advanced location based services.

About IMS

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS) specializes in the research, development and production of innovative and progressive solutions in the areas of automotive safety, telematics and mobile media. Our proprietary technologies are making vehicles "safer, smarter and greener" and we are dedicated to making the "connected car" a reality.

IMS' solutions include: iLane, the ultimate in-vehicle platform that provides drivers with voice-interactive access to remote on-demand content and time-sensitive information; Prompt(TM), a voice-activated dispatch solution that enables taxi and limousine drivers to conduct their job entirely hands-free via simple voice commands such as sign-in, receive job information, accept/decline jobs and provide ETA info; and DriveSync(TM), the ultimate turn-key telematics platform which enables a variety of solutions including usage-based insurance offerings, fleet monitoring, vehicle tracking, and government programs. IMS is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. For more information about IMS, please visit

About Urban Informatics Corporation (UIC)

UIC, based in Atlanta GA, delivers timely, accurate and real-time traffic information in a seamless, natural and effective manner. Our advanced technology enables drivers to receive personalized traffic updates through several interfaces including the web, mobile phones and in-vehicle. Urban Informatics monitors traffic in real time using network data from the wireless mobile phone network. Using anonymous data from a mobile phone network, the Urban Informatics System turns routine network signaling data from mobile phones into real-time roadway speeds and accurate traffic information. Whether you are a wireless operator looking to increase the usability of your network data or a commuter who requires access to real-time and accurate traffic information, the Urban Informatics System is the most robust and advanced traffic technology solution in the market.

SOURCE Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc.

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