Reassociating an Accsense Wireless A1 Series Pod with a B1-06 Gateway

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CHESTERLAND OH - The popular Accsense wireless monitoring and alarming system operates on a public 2.4ghz wireless frequency. Since this is the same frequency used by many cordless phones, Wi-Fi systems, and various other wireless hardware systems, users can occasionally experience interference within this frequency band. When this type of interference occurs, there is a possibility that a wireless pod will lose communications with the base and be unable to reestablish a wireless connection. Whenever this occurs, however, you can perform a quick reassociation to fix the problem. Depending on the distance between the gateway and pod, it may be easier to do this with two people, or by just bringing the pod itself to the same location as the gateway.

The reassociation process is a simple 2-step procedure. First, on the A1 series pod, hold down the button marked 'Assoc' until you see a blue light flashing rapidly. If you do not see the blue light, the pod may be powered down. The other button is the power button: hold it down until you see a solid blue and a solid green light for a few seconds. Once the pod has a flashing blue light, click the red button located on the back of the gateway.

After clicking the button on the back of the gateway, both devices will show a pattern of flashing lights that will last for approximately one minute. When the gateway lights back to a solid green light on both ends of the light bar, and an intermittently-flashing amber light in the middle, the association is done. You should now be able to log into the Accsense account and see current data coming from the pod.

Accsense wireless data loggers provide a 90 ft. indoor communication range, operating on battery or AC power. The B1-06 Data Logger Gateway features built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet to put the pods' data online for instant access. Each gateway can support as many as 16 sensor pods, which can also be assigned as Repeaters to extend wireless range as needed.

Accsense installations provide customers with turn-key operation and bypass any need for IT professionals or costly training sessions. Since data immediately goes out to the Web, Accsense is the only system on the market that has virtually no impact on server structure or IT overhead, with only a minimal impact on bandwidth. Real-time access to current temperature data sharply decreases staff response times. Also, unlike many integrated systems which present real security issues, Accsense systems offer users peace of mind and protected operation.

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