Reasons Why Scientific Injection Molding Principles Are Important

Scientific injection molding comes with its own set of principles that have become the new standard in plastic injection molding.

Frank Staples and Alpesh Patel wrote in MDT magazine that there are seven forms of waste when it comes to plastic injection molding and scientific injection molding or SIM controls them all.

Defective Production

Defective products can attempt to be eliminated by preventing the chance of defects before the mold even initiates production. SIM can discover the potential for production mold defects in the process development stage providing precise information so the chance of defective parts is minimized.

Over Processing

Scientific injection molding techniques can measure the cavity to make sure it is balanced to eliminate the waste of the old shoot and tweak process. Without this long accepted waste of material the practice of over processing is removed from the manufacturing line completely. A series of data collecting baseline tests are run on the mold to assist in controlling the variables that contribute to over processing. Staples and Patel liken this process to a doctor taking the vital signs of a patient to establish a baseline for any possible treatments needed.

Over Production

It used to be a manufacturer had to shoot more parts than the order called for to compensate for defects or unforeseen issues. SIM principles optimize the process so production is predictable and accurate saving money and resources by eliminating over production.

Excess Movement

Scientific injection molding avoids the waste of excess movement by stream lining the production process. An optimized molding process results in lean manufacturing and eliminates wasted motion by personnel and machine alike.

Wait Time

it's not just product and capital that can be wasted in the production process; time can be wasted as well. With SIM the manufacturing action is so efficient when optimized that the wait time to switch machines, cool molds and inspect production results can be eliminated. Plastic injection molding using scientific methods analyze the complete
process and time the cycles to deliver less waste and great efficiency.

Excess Inventory

The leftovers from over production become excess inventory that ultimately is waste. Even if the parts can be sold they must be transported and stored until they can be shipped. SIM insures predictable runs with reliable yields and drastically reduced waste.


Traditional plastic injection molding would rely on sorting and finishing areas and unplanned transportation for shipping and receiving purposes. SIM's ability to consistently provide high quality predictable yields with limited waste will eliminate the extra transportation of product and molds.

The invention of plastic injection molding revolutionized the business of manufacturing and dragged classical business practice into the future. Since that time injection molding has spread throughout industry becoming integral to our businesses, health and families. Even such a huge advancement in manufacturing can use improvement, that's where scientific injection molding comes in.

Crescent Industries utilizes scientific injection molding principles and decoupled molding principles to establish our molding processes for our custom injection molded plastic components. To learn more about our injection molding services and capabilities, call toll free 1-800-411-3844 or visit our website

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