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Ravelco Anti-Theft Device Launches Sales in Canada

Press release date: May 30, 2012

Ravelco Stops Vehicle Thefts - 4 Million Installs and No Defeats!

DAWSON CREEK, British Columbia - Ravelco Canada West Holdings, Ltd, announced the official launch of the Ravelco Anti-Theft device sales in Canada. The Ravelco is a patented anti-theft device that has been sold in the U.S. for over 36 years and is starting to take Western Canada by storm.

The RAVELCO (pronounced Ruh-vel-co) Anti-Theft Device has been applauded for the simple, yet effective, solution for theft of heavy equipment, trucks, cars, classic autos, ATVs, boats - any vehicle that has an ignition system.

The RAVELCO Anti-Theft Device is superior to all the other alarms and anti-theft devices. There are no codes to remember and there are no secret buttons to push. Whenever you leave your vehicle all you have to do to activate the RAVELCO system is "pull out the plug" and connect it to your key chain. It is like taking part of your engine with you. Many new car buyers do not want all the bells and whistles associated with today's alarm systems because they know that no one pays attention to them! No Bells or Whistles ... Just Results! A removable 16-pin male plug (which when not in use connects to your key chain) makes all the electronic connections. When the plug is removed from the RAVELCO, it is impossible to start the vehicle.

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Unlike GPS units that may tell you where your vehicle is AFTER it's been taken, the Ravelco stops thieves in their tracks. For heavy equipment operators, theft is at an all time high. Frustration sets in when you return to a job site only to find your equipment's been driven off the site or has caused property damage. A properly installed Ravelco will give you the comfort of knowing wherever you park your vehicle it will be there in the morning. As for alarms that use computerized chips, thieves have tapped in to technology that can bypass most of these types of anti-theft devices. Why leave anything to chance? Protect your investment and install a Ravelco.

Businesses such as Brutus Truck Bodies, (by Nor-Mar Industries, Ltd), located in Penticton, B.C., Jossy Auto Tech in Vernon, B.C. and Elite Auto in Dawson Creek, B.C., to name a few, have become certified installation shops that are assisting their customers in protecting their vehicles.

"When I decided to look for an anti-theft device after the theft of my excavator, I searched high and low for a security device that was simple and would just work! I did not want to experience another theft of any of my vehicles. My search led me to RAVELCO where I was instantly amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of the device," stated Mr. Mike McKone, owner of Ravelco Canada West Holdings, Ltd. Mr. McKone further states, "For any heavy equipment owner like me, protecting my livelihood is paramount to my business and having a Ravelco installed is a no-brainer. I don't ever want that feeling again of having my equipment stolen from a job site."

Ravelco has continued to prove itself over and over - A fine example is this sent testimonial from a car dealer in the U.S. "I have literally sold thousands and thousands ofRavelcos in the last 25 years. They have never made a liar out of me. My customers will ask me which I recommend - the alarm or the RAVELCO? My answer has always truthfully been the RAVELCO. It is also an anti-theft device that everyone can afford! I personally know how great the product is, but when our law enforcement customers request the Ravelco ... I know that we made the right decision when we started selling them. I have seen a lot of different anti-theft devices over the years, everything else has come and gone - but the RAVELCO is still here. That to me is a statement of dependability. I cease to offer any option that I lose confidence in. That has never been the case with the RAVELCO Anti-Theft Device. It just keepsproving itself."

For more information about the Ravelco, please visit their website at For businesses looking to become a Certified Ravelco Installer, call or send us an email to find out how the Ravelco can become part of your product offerings.


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