Rapid Ramp-Up Infrared Underheater is a Necessity in Lead-Free Hand Soldering

The high-temperature demands of lead-free will no longer impact the integrity of PCBs and their components in lead-free hand soldering, according to specifications of the "Hot Beam 03" rapid IR underheater now available from Manncorp.

The self-contained unit safely boosts PCB preheat temperatures at the industry-mandated rate of 3.5ºC/second and set temperatures are constantly maintained during soldering. With up to 50% of thermal energy from below for gentle background heat, temperature of solder tips is lowered by approximately 50ºC, greatly reducing tip replacement frequency. More importantly, overall soldering time is thereby reduced, and components, pads and traces are fully protected from excessive heat. The rapid IR technology of Hot Beam 03 also makes traditional hand soldering risk-free. When shut down, it safely and instantly returns to touchable ambient temperature, instead of remaining at the potentially hazardous fixed temperatures of quartz or other heaters.

The compact Hot Beam 03 is thermocouple profilable and stores 11 programs. It handles board sizes to 400 x 400mm (15.75" x 15.75") and any thickness - even multi-layer boards, regardless of component density. It is Internet-priced at $1,495, including a magnetic base and spring-loaded board holder. For details, access manncorp.com/specialty-soldering-equipment/hot-beam-03-underheater/ or email sales@manncorp.com.

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