Range of Pipe Testing Plugs

The Pipestoppers division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd now manufactures a range of pipe testing plugs for a wide range of Industrial and Domestic applications.

Three styles are available manufactured from nylon, aluminium or steel, each plug comprising two plates on a central hollow waterway with an expandable rubber seal between the plates, that compresses to seal inside the opening of a pipe when the wing nut is turned.

Large volumes of these are available from stock to suit pipes and orifices from 0.5" up to 72" diameter. (12 - 2,000 mm)

The 0.5" diameter waterway in the centre is threaded on the outside with an 0.5" BSP thread for attaching standard hoses for use in pressure testing or drainage. The waterway can be of standard length or extra long to allow for double plug configurations or for insertion deeper into holes and pipes.

The products are easy to use, durable, corrosion resistant and because of the large volumes in production, very low in cost.

Such plugs are ideal for pressure testing of all pipework systems, blocking of pipes and orifices to prevent the ingress of unwanted material and weld purging applications.

They are useful in a plethora of general operations such as in Landfill operations to stop off and measure escaping gas from monitoring pipes and in the Ship Building and Ship Operating Industries as Scupper Plugs.

Paint Spraying and Casting operations find the Pipestoppers plugs useful to block the insides of holes and orifices from harm caused by the ingress of paint or shot peening.

For the Building and Construction industries the plugs meet in full the requirements to pressure test standard domestic and industrial foul water drainage systems.

The industries mentioned are just a few of those in which Pipestoppers(TM) Pipe Plugs are used. If you have a requirement where one of these low cost plugs might be of use, contact the Company.

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