Ran-Tech Joins Boeing and other Large Businesses at the President's Supply Chain Innovation Roundtable

Milwaukie, OR - Ran-Tech Engineering Aerospace, Inc., a small, woman owned aerospace manufacturer was in attendance in Washington DC for President Obama’s Supply Chain Innovation Roundtable.  In March of this year, the White House, as part of a series of key manufacturing initiatives committed at this year’s inaugural address, released a report examining the importance of reinvesting in America’s supply change to enable innovation.  The report, “Supply Chain Innovation: Strengthen America’s Small Manufacturers, identifies potential barriers as well as solutions – laying the path toward sustained manufacturing growth and strength.

In working with the Boeing Company, Ran-Tech is a glowing example of small business to large business communication and engagement that enables the continued growth of manufacturing in America.  Ran-Tech is a sheet metal and machined parts manufacturer solely in the aerospace market.  They provide Boeing various parts across their aircraft production lines from the newly announced 737 MAX to the 787.  Ran-Tech recently completed a project with Boeing whereby Boeing provided consulting services and software enabling Ran-Tech to better understand i’s production capacity, bottlenecks and provided key input to capital investment. 

Mark Vanderpool, President of Ran-Tech summed it up this way; “Our work with Boeing on the “Next Generation Lean” project enabled us to have a secondary tool, based upon internal data, that helped us confirm the need for additional equipment which increases our capabilities, efficiencies and reduces overall manufacturing critical path cycle time or MCT.  Reducing this cycle time helps us be more competitive in the aerospace market and reduces the amount of working capital needed to support our manufacturing.  It was a win-win outcome for both Ran-Tech and Boeing. “

Spearheading the Boeing team was Robert Noble, VP Partnering for Succes.  He shared the following comments at the Roundtable,”One program we are especially proud of is our Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT) which started as a pilot project, but is now a permanent program we offer to suppliers. It’s designed to help small suppliers achieve the highest impact business improvements for production system innovation, competitiveness and manufacturing efficiency by reducing Manufacturing Critical-path time.  Ran Tech Engineering and Aerospace in Oregon is an award winning supplier to Boeing. Their owner, Susan Cannard, and President, Mark Vanderpool, are with us today. They specialize in short flow manufacturing including sheet metal forming, machining, and assembly and paint processing of aluminum, stainless steel, inconel and titanium. They agreed to participate in our MCT program and, has achieved 34% reduction in work in process and other improvements. As a result, they achieved a double digit reduction in cost and several hundred thousand dollars in booked savings.  Ran Tech is a great example of the type of business success we need to support in the US to ensure our manufacturing competitiveness in an increasingly competitive world market.

The Roundtable was Co-Hosted by Jeff Zients, Director of the National Economic Council and Dr. John Holdren, Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.  Secretaries of Energy and Commerce and presented statements on federal assets to support supply chain innovation and federal opportunities for Supply Chain partnerships. 

About Ran-tech

Ran-Tech Engineering Aerospace is an Oregon Corporation founded in 1988 in Hillsboro, Oregon. In December 2002 Ran-Tech was acquired by William(Bill) and Susan Cannard. By immediately establishing a culture focused on quality and delivery performance the business grew and was relocated to a larger facility in Milwaukie, Oregon. In 2004, and in partnership with Bill and Susan, Jason Ball integrated his machining business, Ball Machine and Fabrication into Ran-Tech Engineering and Aerospace.

Ran-Tech is a business built on Lean Principals and continues to practice 5s, Visual Workplace, and Kaizen as part of its corporate personality. With continuing emphasis on engineered solutions, utilizing the latest technologies, in both sheet metal and machining processes, as the backbone of world class quality and delivery performance, the business continued to grow. The Milwaukie facility now occupies 25,000 square feet across three buildings in a modern well equipped industrial park.

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