Radio Toxic Dust Extraction System for Tungsten Electrode Grinding Machines

Potentially dangerous radio-toxic dust generated during grinding of some types of welding electrode can now be collected and disposed of in complete safety.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited (HFT) has released a new vacuum dust extraction system for its internationally acclaimed TEG -3 tungsten electrode grinding machine.

This more comprehensive Tungsten Grinder, has all the features of the non - extraction version with the added extraction system.

HFT maintains a high reputation with its no quibble instant replacement guarantee and in order to ensure that products are not damaged in transit, a separate department is constantly designing new and improved packaging for all of the Company's products.

In re-designing the transport packaging for the Tungsten Grinding Machine, to accommodate the extraction system, HFT has taken the opportunity to introduce a new robust container that meets the requirements for international transportation.


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