Radi Medical Systems Announces the Release of the Next Generation Pressure Wire, PressureWire® Certus

UPPSALA, Sweden, February 12/ -- Radi Medical Systems, AB (Radi), a designer and manufacturer of innovative devices in interventional cardiology, announced today the release of PressureWire® Certus, bringing a new level of certainty to interventional cardiac procedures. The hydrophilic coated wire is a new design concept for pressure wires and the improved performance of the wire provides better maneuverability, compatibility, and reliability to interventional cardiologists.

A leading interventional cardiologist stated, "For somebody like me, working with PressureWire® for the last 15 years and having witnessed progress in wire quality slowly, although steadily, it was an almost ecstatic feeling to have a wire now which so easily and rapidly went to every spot in the coronary arteries we wanted."

PressureWire® Certus was recently evaluated in European and US hospitals where the majority of physicians commented that PressureWire® Certus had comparable performance characteristics to their standard PTCA guidewire.

"The combination of excellent torqueability and maneuverability opens up the use for PressureWire® Certus in more challenging cases," said Dr. Kieth Oldroyd, Western Infirmary Glasgow, Glasglow, England. I will definitely use PressureWire® Certus as a first choice wire in challenging cases."

"The next generation PressureWire® Certus is the culmination of our intense R&D efforts that focuses on continually improving our product performance to interventional cardiologists," said Thomas Engstrom, CEO, Radi Medical Systems. "We are always looking to make improvements in our products to improve patient care."

PressureWire® Certus will begin shipment to customers in early February in selected European countries.

Radi Medical Systems AB develops, manufactures and sells medical devices designed to improve patient care. Our pioneering work within the field of interventional cardiology has resulted in market-leading intravascular sensors and hemostasis management devices. We continue to work closely with medical practitioners to refine techniques and find new uses for our devices, as well as provide unrivaled education and support. Based in Uppsala, Sweden, Radi Medical Systems was founded in 1988. Today we employ more than 320 people globally, with representation in 42 countries.


Source: Radi Medical Systems AB

For more information contact: Melinda Perjons, Director, Corporate Communications, Palmbladsgatan 10, SE- 75450 Uppsala, Sweden, +46(0)18-16-20-18

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