R&M Energy Systems Features Drilling and Artificial Lift Products at the 2006 Global Petroleum Show

Willis, Texas - R&M Energy Systems is presenting its complete line of products for the oil and gas exploration and production industry at the 2006 Global Petroleum Show, June 13-15, 2006 in Calgary. All R&M Energy Systems' products are backed by extensive oilfield applications experience, advanced engineering and design, and unrivaled manufacturing quality.

The Company is featuring its Power Sections - engineered to significantly increase motor rates of penetration.

- Moyno® ERT(TM) (Even Rubber Thickness) Power Sections dramatically improve motor ROP by providing up to 100% more power than conventional power sections of the same length. This significantly higher power density is achieved by applying an even thickness of rubber to an internally machined, one piece stator contour.

- The Moyno® Ultra-Flex® 114 elastomer is used to improve the ROP of motors using conventional power sections. Its enhanced mechanical properties make it possible for conventional power sections to produce 25% more power and torque than typical stator elastomers. Its fluid compatibility also rivals that of higher priced HNBR elastomers.

R&M Energy Systems is also featuring its complete line of Artificial Lift Systems at the show, which increase production. Among the specific products featured:

- Moyno® Progressing Cavity Down-Hole Pump Systems are specifically designed for crude oil extraction and gas well dewatering. Moyno® Down-Hole Pumps are available in standard, slim-hole, and special models. These systems require minimal maintenance because they have only one moving part down-hole. In addition, lower input energy requirements result in reduced operating costs. Other product features include continuous pumping rates to 4,750 BFPD, effective pumping depth over 12,000 feet, and the capability of handling oil gravities from 5 to 45 API.

- Tubing Wear Prevention Solutions is a comprehensive set of products designed to increase tubing service life, decrease workover costs, reduce downtime and increase overall production. The product line includes RODEC(TM) Tubing Rotators, New Era® Rod Guides and Hercules® Rod Rotators.

- Moyno® Ultra-Drive® drive heads are designed for use with Moyno® Down-Hole Pumps. The Moyno® Ultra-Drive® drive heads feature maximum polished rod speeds ranging from 450 to 600 rpm and torque ratings up to 4,000 ft.-lbs. Each unit features a hollow shaft design for simpler field mounting and installation. A removable sealing system permits easy maintenance on both conventional stuffing boxes and mechanical seals, while an engaged brake provides maximum safety during pick-ups by rigs, flush-bys and pickers. With their integral adjustable bracing system, all Moyno Ultra-Drive drive heads can be readily stabilized for slant wells.

R&M Energy Systems manufactures and markets a wide variety of products for use in the discovery and recovery segments of the oil and gas industry. R&M Energy Systems' products include the following: Hamer® Line Blinds; Hercules® Wellheads, Valves, Stuffing Boxes, and artificial lift accessories; Magnum® Needle Valves; standard and customized MoynoÒ Down-Hole Pumps; Moyno® and MoynoÒ ERT(TM) Power Sections; New Era® Rod Guides; Resun® Plug Valves; RODEC(TM) Tubing Rotators, artificial lift accessories and down-hole tools; StayTite® Swing Joints; Yale® Closures and Hammer Unions; and SENTRY® Closures. With facilities in the U.S., Belgium, Venezuela and Canada, R&M Energy Systems readily serves customers worldwide.

Please forward Canadian reader service inquiries to Paul Dittrich, R&M Energy Systems Canada, 510 - 5th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3S2, Phone: (403) 264-2995 Fax: (403) 264-2204 E-mail: info@rmenergy.com

Please forward U.S. reader service inquiries to Louisa Renfrew-Hill, R&M Energy Systems, 10586 U.S. Highway 75 North, Willis, TX, 77378. Phone: (936) 890-1064 Fax: (936) 890-9595 E-mail: info@rmenergy.com

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