QuietRock 525 and 527 Now in 29 UL-Rated Assemblies

Sunnyvale, CA, September 18, 2007 - Quiet Solution, the market and technology leader in soundproofing solutions,
announced UL ratings for US and Canada today for two more of their soundproof drywall products, QuietRock 525
and QuietRock UltraSTEEL 527. Both products deliver superb noise reduction, are 5/8" thick, and 1 hour fire-rated
Type X.

UL assemblies for QuietRock 525 are U386, L591 and W317 which include 16"OC and 24"OC single, staggered, and
double wood stud configurations.

UL assemblies for QuietRock UltraSTEEL 527 are V464 and W460 which include 16"OC and 24"OC single,
staggered, and double metal stud configurations.

Various QuietRock models are now part of 29 UL listings, including U301, U305, U309, U311, U320, U331, U334,
U340, U341, U342, U440, U451, U453, U455, U465, U473, U493, U386, L591, W317, V464, W460, U376, U385 and

Quiet Solution pioneered the soundproof drywall category in 2002, and leads the market with over 90% of installs.
The company has 22 filed patents and makes over 25 Quiet®-brand products.

"Our customers wanted the added reassurance of UL testing on our verified fire-rated products; we listened and
delivered", said Steve Weiss, vice president, marketing. "Our investments in product development and reputable fullscale
testing have resulted in a stream of QuietRock products that give architects, builders and contractors superb
performance and ease of installation at the lowest total cost. Customers have voted with their project budgets,
keeping us in the #1 spot year after year, with over 30 million square feet installed."

A single sheet of QuietRock 525 delivers noise reduction equivalent to eight sheets of standard drywall, reducing
noise by 75%. A party wall built with a single sheet of QuietRock 525 on one side of single wood studs delivers an
STC rating of 51, meeting building code at lower total cost than other wall assemblies, such as double studs or walls
built with resilient channels or sound clips.

The low total cost, simplicity and reliability of the QuietRock product line has made it the most popular choice for
multifamily and commercial construction such as hotels, hospitals, and offices, as well as remodels and media rooms.
QuietRock UltraSTEEL 527 was developed in partnership with Dietrich Metal Framing, the leading manufacturer of
steel studs. It was designed to meet the customer need for a superior soundproofing solution on metal studs that
reduced labor, didn't require multiple layers of products, and didn't rely on failure-prone techniques. It is specially
engineered to deliver superior noise reduction for interior walls built on UltraSTEEL, providing STC ratings of 55 or
more at lower total cost and with simpler and thinner wall assemblies than other methods.

QuietRock-based assemblies may be eligible for LEED points, as LEED standards recognize the importance of
improved acoustics.

Details of all QuietRock and QuietWood acoustic and fire assemblies are available at

Both products are available now throughout North America through traditional drywall distributors and independent
dealers. Detailed product information is available for architects, engineers, contractors and builders at

Quiet Solution, a division of Serious Materials, is America's most trusted manufacturer of soundproofing products.
As a technology leader, it provides world-class residential and commercial building materials that support sustainable
construction while enhancing quality of life. Patented and patent-pending products and technologies include
QuietRock® soundproof drywall, QuietWood® and QuietHome® high-STC windows and doors. These provide the
lowest total cost soundproofing solutions for builders, architects and owners, easily and reliably. The company's
environmentally friendly products are manufactured in the United States and are available at authorized dealers
throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit www.quietsolution.com or www.seriousmaterials.com.

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