QuickStep Motors Now Available: Integrated Step Motors from JVL

Now available: integrated step motors from JVL

Since the introduction of the integrated AC servo motor - the MAC motor - several years ago, there has been a great deal of interest in these motors. The benefits of integrating the driver and controller in the motor unit are numerous, as outlined above.

QuickStep is a new series of integrated step motors from JVL. They are available in a wide range, offering various functionality and combinations. The basic unit is a high-torque step motor with flange dimensions of 57x57 mm (NEMA23). The housing is constructed to provide IP55 or better protection. One or more PCBs and different connectors can be mounted in the housing to provide the various models. An IP55-protected motor without driver can also be supplied.

Pulse/direction driver.
Serial RS485/RS232 position controller.
Position controller with graphical programming. Canbus, CANopen 402 or Devicenet.

"Stall detect" using a magnetic encoder with resolution of up to 1024 pulses/revolution

All motors are supplied with M12 connectors. Optional, on large orders, customer-specified connectors.

Double voltage-supply available so that position and parameters are maintained during emergency stop.

MAC motor protocol so that MAC motors and QuickStep motors can be connected to the same RS485 bus.

Serial commands for simple PLC/PC set-up and communication.
Power supply 12-48V DC.

1.1 Nm, 1.6 Nm, and 2.5 Nm versions.
Fixed 1600 pulses/revolution for version with built-in position controller.

200, 400, 800, 1000, or 1600 pulses/revolution for versions with pulse/direction inputs.

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