Quickscrews International Corp Opens New Solar Division

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Quickscrews International Corp is launching a new website that will focus on its Solar Division. The new site is listed as SolarRoofHook.com. The idea is to separate its solar division away from the woodworking screws division, making it easier for customers to find the products they need.  The company’s 27-year history in woodworking screws has made it one of the leaders in looking at problems and developing solutions. It started selling to the Solar industry in 2010 and the company has used the same philosophy for solar that it used in wood. Ask the customer what their biggest problems are, and find a way to solve their problem.

SolarRoofHook.com shows products for four types of residential roof tops. All of the hooks are installed without drilling holes in the tiles. They are easy to install and are competitively priced.  The exposure  is minimal as the connection point is all you see. 

The site features easy-to-find spec and test data for each part as the download tabs are on the same page as the product details. All parts can be purchased through the store and the parts are shipped from either Livermore, California or Rock Hill, South Carolina to better serve the nation.

The company has taken proven fastener methodology and combined it with the needs of the solar rack installers to create one of the best lines of residential roof mounts available online.  Call them at 844-671-6045 or e-mail rgentry@quickscrews.com.

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