Queen's Award Presented to Freeman Technology - Company Looks to 'Bright Future' as Global Sales of Universal Powder Tester Grow

27 Sep 07: Welland, UK: At a ceremony held today (Thursday 27 September 2007) Mr Michael Brinton, Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire, presented the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2007 in the category Innovation to Reg Freeman, managing director of Freeman Technology. The presentation took place at the company's headquarters in Castlemorton Common, Welland, UK.

Since being named as a recipient of the Queen's Award in April this year, Freeman Technology's order book at home and in overseas markets has continued to grow. The proven benefits to clients of the FT4 Powder Rheometer, backed by the priceless recognition of a Queen's Award have further accelerated the company's growth.

Freeman Technology manufactures and markets the FT4 Powder Rheometer, a unique universal powder tester that is used in laboratories around the world to measure the flow properties of an extremely wide range of materials. The company has an established base of customers in Europe, the US and Japan, where the FT4 is used in manufacturing industries as diverse as ceramics and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and powder coatings.

Using patented technology, the FT4 allows manufacturers to characterise powders in ways that relate directly to their processes, giving a sound basis for process management, optimisation, efficiency, increased productivity and improved profitability.

As one client, Dr James Pugh, Senior Engineer at Enser Corporation in Florida, explained: "Our business is heavily involved in the processing and utilization of powders from synthesis to product implementation. As such, the knowledge and understanding of unique powder properties is crucial. The centrepiece of our powder
analytical laboratory is the Freeman Technology FT4 Powder Rheometer. In less than one year we have run over 600 individual powder tests with the rheometer and have directly applied the findings to production."

The powerful performance of the FT4 combined with the expert instrument and applications support provided by Freeman Technology before, during and after installation, leads users to improved understanding and control of their powders and processes.

Looking to the future, Reg Freeman is confident of continuing market penetration and stated, "We can provide the instrumentation and know-how to help clients meet the challenges of handling and processing powders. This is a strong foundation for the future growth of our business as we continue to develop with, and serve, the powder processing industries."

For more details of the FT4 Powder Rheometer, its capabilities and applications visit www.freemantech.co.uk

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