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Quartz Halogen Bench Lights From Aven Adjust for Diverse Tasks

Press release date: Dec 28, 2009

Halogen lamps are the recognized choice to focus high-intensity white light for machining, assembly and inspection. To handle a range of bench-top illumination needs, Aven, Inc. offers five models of Sirus Quartz Halogen Task Lights. Clean, bright light eases precision work, shows true colors and highlights minute flaws. Light output remains constant, unlike traditional incandescent lamps that darken with age. Another advantages is that halogen bulbs typically last twice as long as regular ones.

Aven's industrial-grade task lights have adjustable heads that tilt up and down. Three models feature round tube arms that resist vibration and can swivel for precise positioning above work surfaces. Arms arms extend 8.6 inches (220mm) to 31.5 inches (800mm), depending on style.

The smallest design has a short arm for angled illumination rather than an overhead spotlight effect. The fifth model has a flexible 20.5-inch (520mm) arm that bends and twists for truly customized solutions. Each comes with a 20-watt halogen bulb, an on/off rocker switch on the head and a C-clamp for bench mounting.

These easily relocated task lights are useful for QC inspectors, lab technicians, document examiners, other forensic investigators, curators, jewelers and appraisers.

Each model can accommodate 50-watt bulbs and a magnetic base, offered as an option.

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