Quaker State® Higher Mileage Engine(TM) with Slick 50® Motor Oil Helps Restore Power and Performance in Vehicles Over 75,000 Miles

20 Apr 2005

Quaker State® has combined two well-respected brands that consumers have come to know and trust with the launch of the new Quaker State® Higher Mileage Engine(TM) with Slick 50®.

In addition to continuing to help reduce oil consumption from worn or leaky seals and burnoff, this new formulation is specifically engineered to help restore power and performance in vehicles over 75,000 miles. It is the only motor oil on the market containing Slick 50 and provides greater friction reduction than any other higher mileage engine oil Quaker State has developed to date.

"Consumers want a higher mileage motor oil that doesn't just keep the vehicle on the road, but one that also helps improve performance," said Troy Chapman, Quaker State Brand Director. "Quaker StateHigher Mileage Engine with Slick 50 is an exciting new product that addresses this dual need by fighting friction to improve power while at the same time it helps reduce oil consumption from worn or leaky seals."

Quaker State created this uniquely packaged motor oil to address the specific needs of higher mileage engines. Quaker StateHigher Mileage Engine with Slick 50 can help reduce oil consumption from worn or leaky seals and burn-off, as well as protect engine parts from wear and harmful deposits. In addition it resists oil-related sparkplug fouling and intake valve deposits. The new combination of these two products provides better protection than previous Quaker State Higher Mileage Engine Motor Oil because it produces a lower friction coefficient across engine operating temperatures.

"Slick 50 and Quaker State have been protecting engines from heat and friction for years, this new combination offers consumers the best of both brands," said Harley Johnson, Slick 50 Brand Manager.

Quaker State sees tremendous opportunity for this type of product because studies show that 64% of vehicles on the road are Higher Mileage (75,000+ miles), but only 13% of those High Mileage vehicles currently use a Higher Mileage oil.*

"We believe that bringing together these two products, as well as educating retailers and installers about all of the technical benefits of Quaker StateHigher Mileage Engine with Slick 50 will go a long way in opening up this underserved market," added Chapman.

Quaker State Higher Mileage Engine with Slick 50 will begin shipping to retailers and installers on April 11, 2005.

About Quaker State:

Quaker State is amongthe industry's most innovative motor oil brands and offers a full line of products to meet every type of vehicle engine need. Quaker State is the first motor oil brand to create a synthetic blend of motor oil, one of the first brands to develop High Mileage Engine motor oil, and the only brand to market its motor oil product in a clear bottle. For more information about Quaker State products, please visit www.quakerstate.com.

About Slick 50:

Slick 50 is America's #1 selling engine treatment brand and also offers a full line of additive products for vehicle critical systems. Slick 50 began as one of the first engine treatments brands in the USA and today can be found around the globe. For more information about the family of Slick 50 products, please visit www.slick50.com.

About Shell Lubricants:

Quaker State® and Slick 50® brand products are manufactured by Shell Lubricants. Shell Lubricants collectively refers to the companies of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group engaged in the lubricants business. Shell lubricants companies are global leaders in lubricants and operate in over 120 countries worldwide. They manufacture and blend products for use in a range of applications from consumer motoring to food processing and heavy industry to commercial transport. The Shell portfolio of top quality lubricant brands includes Pennzoil', Quaker State®, FormulaShell®, Shell Tellus®, Shell Cassida®, Shell ROTELLA® T, Shell Spirax® and a portfolio of car care products and Jiffy Lube® services.


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