Quadro Engineering Corp. Develops CIP Fine Grind F10 Mill

Quadro's continuing efforts to innovate process technology in the field of fine grind size reduction are once again realized with the development of a Clean-In-Place F10 Fine Grind Mill. Quadro's F10 Fine Grind Mill has been succesfully implemented in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Fine Chemical and Food industries where PSD targets range from 5 - 150µm.

The addition of a Clean-In-Place design feature, allows the complete wet down of internal contact areas, adding an extra layer of safety to the operator. Other salient benefits of the F10 Fine Grind Mill include +99% product yield, tight PSD curves with a single-pass, fully contained dust-tight cGMP design, minimal space requirements, rapid product changeover and enhanced process efficiency. Quick disassembly for maintenance and cleaning, low power consumption and low noise are but a few of the many advantages the Model F10 offers. The F10 is also suitable for inert applications, and is ATEX certified.

For further information, please contact:
Wilf Sangüesa, P. Eng.
Quadro Engineering Corp.
T (519) 884-9660
F (519) 884-0253

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