Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products Launches New Web-Based Material Selector and Live Web Chat

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products just made material selection in plastics engineering a whole lot easier with the launch of their new web-based Material Selector and Live Web Chat features. The new features allow designers and engineers to easily sort and match materials to specific project parameters or connect with technical experts in seconds.

Shepherding a project from inception through production is difficult enough without concerns about materials or applications. Knowing that you have the right material for the right application is peace of mind that only a company like Quadrant EPP can deliver, and now it is easier than ever to tap into the expertise from the global leader in plastic engineering solutions. The updated Quadrant website now offers a new Material Selector Tool and Live Web Chat, features that combine to provide answers and instant feedback for designers and engineers who need to get the job done right the first time.

Jim Hebel, head of technical support for Quadrant EPP, sees these additional features as indispensable tools for bringing projects to fruition. ôAs the leader in groundbreaking plastic technologies, Quadrant is committed to the success of our customers. The launch of the Material Selector Tool enhances our ability to help the customer find materials that are a perfect fit for the intended application, and our technical experts will be just a mouse click away to provide the answers they need to move forward and get the job done. We know our customers prefer to connect with us in different ways, these tools allow customers to choose the level of engagement that works for them. It's all about connecting the customer to information and support, making their job easier and providing peace of mind.

The new website features allow unprecedented access to the broadest range of engineering plastic materials in the industry. Designers and engineers can easily sort through Quadrant's comprehensive line of innovative products and match materials to specific project parameters. Properties such as temperature ranges, structural and bearing uses, stress, and regulatory compliance can be narrowed down to the ideal match and chemical environment within seconds. The data from side-by-side material comparisons can be exported to the most widely used FEA (Finite Element Analysis) programs such as SolidWorks and COMSOL.

Quadrant's unparalleled support staff is also there to provide instant advice and expertise. Live Web Chat enables customers to connect with experts who have experience in a variety of platforms and applications: food processing, semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, chemical processing, life sciences, energy, and diverse industrial equipment.

One additional example of Quadrant's relentless desire to improve customer service is the new Spanish and Portuguese translation tabs available on the website. As a result of its recent partnership with Sπo Paulo based Solidur Plasticos Industrial, the need to bring Quadrant's broad range of advanced machinable materials to the regional market in a user-friendly manner became apparent. The translation tabs allow the world market access to design and engineering knowledge in a collaborative environment no longer impeded by language barriers.

With the release of the new Material Selector Tool, Live Web Chat, and Spanish and Portuguese translation tabs, Quadrant EPP has redefined the industry standard for providing customer satisfaction and solidified its reputation as the global leader in plastics manufacturing, distribution, and design.

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