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Qt Recommended as Development Framework for the NASA International Space Apps Challenge

Press release date: Apr 02, 2014

'NASA International Space Apps Challenge', Global Event, April 12-13

Qt, the leading cross-platform application and user interface (UI) development framework by Digia, has been named as a recommended development framework for the NASA International Space Apps Challenge. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space. Participants around the world, challenged to provide creative solutions, are recommended by the 'NASA International Space Apps Challenge' organizing committee and the Tampere, Finland Spaceship Association event chapter to develop their mobile apps with Qt.

The NASA's International Space Apps challenge is a crowdsourcing innovation program created to approach challenges with fresh eyes and new ideas. The event will be held on April 12th and 13th in nearly 100 locations around the world where participants will be able to choose from more than 40 challenges themed in five categories: Earth Watch, Human Space Flights, Robotics, Asteroids and Space Technology. NASA will provide relevant data and other resources to be used in creating solutions while participants will decide which challenge they want to work on, form teams and fully engage for two days. Virtual participants will also be able to join through an 'on boarding session' online where they will be able to find collaborators from local events or among other virtual participants. The best solutions will be selected for global awards and the winner will be given the opportunity to attend a NASA launch event.

Qt is a full framework, used by over 500,000 developers worldwide, that enables the development of powerful, interactive and platform-independent applications. 'NASA International Space Apps Challenge' participants will be able to familiarise themselves with Qt through a webinar that covers:

- What is Qt? Where can you use Qt?
- Downloading and installing Qt
- Setting up Qt for mobile development for Android and iOS
- Getting Started with Qt development, where to find resources for learning Qt
- Support resources for NASA International Space Apps Challenge participants
- Q&A

A recording of the webinar, installation instructions and "Get Started Programming with Qt" material will be available in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge "Hackpad" knowledgebase.

For more information visit:

For all the details and to sign up to the 'NASA International Space Apps Challenge'visit:

About Qt
Used by over 500,000 developers worldwide, Qt is a full framework that enables the development of powerful, interactive and platform-independent applications. Qt applications run native on desktop, embedded and mobile host systems, enabling them to deliver performance that is far superior to other cross-platform application development frameworks. Qt's support for multiple platforms and operating systems allows developers to save significant time related to porting to other devices.

Qt is created by developers for developers where making developers' lives easier is top priority. It provides an incomparable developer experience with the tools necessary to create amazing user experiences. Qt is platform agnostic and believes in making sure that all developers are able to target multiple platforms with one framework by simply reusing code. Qt gives freedom to the developer. Code less. Create more. Deploy everywhere.

About Digia, Qt
Digia is responsible for all Qt activities including product development and commercial and open source licensing. Since March 2011, Digia Plc, the Helsinki-based services and consulting powerhouse listed in the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki exchange (DIG1V) has been the commercial licensor of Qt. In September 2012 Digia acquired the full Qt business from Nokia. Digia operates in China, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden and USA.

Digia's goal is to provide desktop, embedded and mobile developers and companies with the most powerful cross-platform UI and application framework. Together with its licensing, support and services capabilities, Digia, Qt operates with the mission to work closely with developers to ensure that the projects are deployed on time, within budget and with a competitive advantage.

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