QC Software Offers Two-Sided Shipping Labels for Better Warehouse Efficiency

New thermal printing technology helps distributors streamline processes and lower their carbon footprint

QC Software, a leading provider of warehouse control systems, now offers two-sided labeling as a value-added service to streamline the shipping process and save money.

Two-sided thermal printing technology is a new process that lets you print the packing slip on the back side of a shipping label. This eliminates the paper and plastic pouch used for packing lists and the labor associated with adding the packing lists to cartons. Companies have the option of printing a shipping label with a return goods address label on the opposite side.

With a high-speed print and apply printer, customizable labels can be printed on demand and automatically applied at the rate of 20-30 boxes per minute. There are twin thermal printers within a single machine. These printers operate simultaneously for optimum speed and efficiency. Pre-printed labels with a custom logo or design are available as an added service for marketing.

"This is a fast, accurate, and cost-effective system that enhances green initiatives," states Rich Hite, President of QC Software. "Since less paper and materials are needed, warehouse and distribution facilities are conserving their resources and reducing their cost per order. Customers who implemented this system have realized a good return on investment. This is a win-win situation for distributors, consumers and the environment."

Benefits of Two-Sided Labeling:

o Increases throughput

o Reduces labor costs

o Reduces paper consumption

o Lowers energy use

o Reduces the carbon footprint

o Minimizes waste and landfill space

QC Software is recognized as an industry leader in the material handling industry. Their warehouse control system provides advanced management capabilities for inventory control, resource scheduling, order management, and shipping. For over 15 years, their solutions have enabled customers in North America and Europe to streamline their warehouse operations with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. QC Software's results-driven solutions are leading the way in profitability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

For more information, contact Jerry List

Phone: 513.469.1424

Website: www.qcsoftware.com

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