PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners: "The Pulse Doctors"? Yes.

With manufacturing facilities within both Europe and the United States, and having appropriate distribution or alternate availability of pulsation dampeners direct from the factory, covering the entire world: PulseGuard having recently being rechristened as "The Pulse Doctors" is not something to be should be taken lightly or as a form of 'hype'. Matter of fact, said name has resurfaced as a result of the use by competitors and/or others within the industry, not as a result of employees from PulseGuard Inc. or Ltd. themselves. Similar to previous entitlements such as "The Smooth Flow People" and "Pressure Pulse Interceptors" which have been in place for the last 20+ years, alongside the general acceptance of the direct PulseGuard quote "Don't select it until you know how to connect it", which has been a key factor in selection since the beginning, - PulseGuard being regarded to throughout 2011 as "The Pulse Doctors" should come as no surprise to anyone. PulseGuard, in their own words, manufacture "Dampers that do, flow goes through".

In a recent statement publicized by PulseGuard Inc. it says:

"We don't make pumps, we make pumps pump better; through continuous improvement for a half a century. PulseGuard has provided improved pump performance and longer life for pumping systems by guarding against pulsation for over 48 years. With increased protection against fluctuating flow, pipe lines have smoother stable flow rates. Pumped stabilized velocity also gives more precise measurement with greater repeatability. The benefits of lower pressure disturbance amplitude help prevent pipe and hose shaking, lower the chances of repair downtime, and promote safety. -FlowNinja"

Regarding the promotion of safety, some important facts can be found on the PulseGuard Inc. website at:

1) Pulsation Dampeners - Safety and Gas Overload Protection (http://goo.gl/sGMs8)

2) Safety and Liquids for Pulsation Dampeners (http://goo.gl/1I7y7)

3) Safety and Piping by Pulsation Dampener Mounting Blocks (http://goo.gl/FtwRj)

"Pulsation Dampeners lower the installed cost of circuits by enabling component selections to be based on constant, instead of varying peaks in, behavior. A fixed rate of mass transfer can be matched with a best diameter for minimum delta P, where as a fluctuation characteristic needs selecting to be done on the basis of the maximum or peak figure. There in lie the economies of smaller tube, fitting, and valve sizes. In many cases flow stability provides a reduced energy usage, and this may be an additional saving of as much as 30 %. The installed smaller cost, and drive horse power saving may in a short time often results in the benefits of smooth flow and stable pressure costing nothing, compared with an un-dampened pulsation. The reduction of fatigue, plus greater control reliability becomes a literally free benefit for your system. There is no secret - install-ability is the key. Know how to connect dampeners, before selection. -FlowNinja"

For more details about your pump type and how to connect a pulsation dampener visit the following link: goo.gl/UV6tc . Pump application animations with appropriate dampeners, demonstrate the dampening process, which changes with each type of pump, because the pumping pulsation characteristics are different. Each pulsation mode is characteristically addressed. By hovering over a pump type, the animation will appear to show how it runs.

"We have people, not voice-mail!"

For further information you can contact PulseGuard in the USA at 1-888-DAMPERS or by visiting http://www.pulseguard.com/

Look forward to further pulsation dampener news from this company in 2012.

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