PTIs Seal-Scan Featured as Machine of the Month in Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News

Integrity Testing

A company reports that it has sponsored an interlaboratory research study utilizing its Seal-Scan technology, and the test method being studied has been published as ASTM F3004-13, a new non-destructive test method for evaluation of seal quality and integrity using airborne ultrasound technology. The method can be used for inspection and evaluation of flexible package seals of all material types, such as Tyvek, paper, foil, aluminum, and plastic and laminated materials. It provides qualitative pass/fail test results and quantitative data analysis. Defects such as wrinkles, contamination/inclusion, channel defects, misaligned seals, delamination, and incomplete or missing seals can be found. The company manufactures nondestructive inspection technologies for micro leak testing, container closure integrity testing, and seal integrity testing of drug packaging such as vials (liquid filled and lyophilized), ampules, blisters, empty and prefilled syringes, pouches and flexible packaging, bottles and other rigid containers, and BPC and API bulk containers.

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