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PS Doors Manufacturing Div Celebrates 40 years in Business!

Press release date: Jan 01, 2014

PS DOORS began as a full-service door distributor repairing and supplying industrial doors in 1974. In the early years we had the opportunity to work with many door manufacturers and gained first hand knowledge of what worked and what didn’t in the door industry. In the late 1970's PS DOORS designed and manufactured its first design for a high draft applications, the PS Sliding Door. Soon after we developed the Swing Door, Sliding Roof Hatch, Access/Inspection Hatches and Louver/Ventilation Panels products. All of these products were custom fabricated specifically for the customer’s size and design requirements.

As our company continued to grow we transitioned from industrial doors to engineering safety and fall protection products. The development of our Safety Products began with the patented Vertical Lift Mezzanine Gate and developed into seven additional products designed to provide fall protection for employees at elevated mezzanine levels and increase material handling efficiency.

In the early 1980’s, PS DOORS was asked to design a water-tight flood protection barrier for a local lift station. We applied our knowledge of custom manufacturing and rugged design to developed the Lift-Out Flood Barrier. As our customer base grew, PS DOORS began designing and manufacturering flood barriers to protect facilities, critical infrastructure, and assets from devastating flooding. Today PS DOORS manufacturers eleven different base models of flood protection barriers, with multiple variations of each model. Our Pedestrian Flood Door (Model PD-520) and Flood Plank (Model FP-530FM) have undergone third party testing and certification to carry the FM APPROVED Label.

About PS Doors

PS DOORS, established in 1974, is an industry leader in design and custom manufacturing of industrial doors, safety products and flood barriers. Our focus is on the customer and manufacturing our products to fit the needs of specific applications -ensuring rugged, innovative and safe products for a variety of industries.

From start to finish, each design is built the PS DOORS way. Utilizing our certified welders, engineers, 3-D CAD design and fully integrated ERP manufacturing software, we pride ourselves on providing solutions.

PS DOORS has developed relationships with specialty suppliers and services which allows us to capitalize on economies of scale and control lead times. This advantage allows us to manufacture products efficiently and economically for our customers. PS DOORS performs in-house engineering functions and verifies critical designs through a third party engineering review process.

Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, the geological center of North America, PS DOORS has all major modes of transportation easily accessible. We are capable of supplying products to companies all over the world. Our in-house salespeople and a network of distributors throughout the United States and Canada are capable of assisting customers with their needs. At this time international sales activities are handled through our in-house sales staff.

If you have the need to solve a problem, we invite you to contact us. PS DOORS would like to provide you with an industrial solution.

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