Proven Design Build Success of Frac Sand Plants in Less Than 8 Months

Industrial Accessories Company (IAC) Designs and Constructs Two Separate 3+MMTPY Frac Sand Plants in Parallel within 8 months from Breaking Ground to Sand in Silo.​

MISSION, KANSAS, MAY 1, 2018:  Adelphi Construction LC, owned by Industrial Accessories Company (IAC), recently completed the build of two frac sand facilities in central Texas. Industrial Accessories Company (IAC) was contracted to design/build two 3.0+ MMTPY Frac Sand Facilities in Poteet, Texas and Monahans, Texas. These projects required master coordination and were designed, procured and constructed concurrently, proving out the depth of capability within IAC. Both these projects included Process and Design Engineering, Site Prep, wet plant, dry plant, silo storage, loadout, buildings and fully automated control. As an equipment manufacturer, IAC also installed their patented Rotary Dryer Design, baghouse and specialty valve to fully maximize each facility’s processing capacity.

IAC’s internal construction company, Adelphi Construction, completed the construction and commissioning of the plant in Poteet Texas, on February 16th, 2018.  The second facility, in Monahans, TX was commissioned and processed sand to the silo on March 1st, 2018. IAC’s manpower loading averaged 225 per day with peak times near 400 field personnel across all disciplines. To meet the impressive turnaround time, IAC facilitated construction around-the-clock work on-site and implemented impressive scheduling and planning of man hours.

Not only was the time to design and construct world class, IAC’s Patented rotary dryer design utilizes a secondary flash zone to increase tonnage by 20-30% over existing Frac Sand Dryer design and that same BTU input. This dryer can process 200+ TPH with a 40 MM BTU burner and WIP sand moisture content in the 3-4% range. Many Frac Sand plants struggle in the early phases of production to provide a 3-4% moisture sand to the dryer and are limited in production until WIP decants to a lower Moisture. The Patented IAC Frac Sand Dryer technology was proven to process wet sand with 8-10% moisture at a rate over 100 TPH and 6% moisture at 160+ TPH. Bob Carter, SVP of Frac Sand Operation for IAC, stated, “I was the SVP of Operations for one of the largest Frac Sand companies in the US for 5 years and operated multiple Frac Sand mining facilities. It was amazing to see the IAC’s revolutionary dual feed patented rotary dryer technology set records for tonnage produced per BTU with both high and low moisture WIP, compared to my previous experience utilizing Stark and Carrier dryer technologies”.

IAC and Adelphi’s 35 years of experience in the industry continues to set standards for quality engineering in the manufacturing of their equipment and construction of their builds. IAC, an original equipment manufacturer of dust collection equipment, provides both parts and services for various equipment and systems, specializing in baghouses, pneumatic conveying equipment and bulk storage.  Adelphi proudly attributes its ongoing-success in the engineering, procurement, and construction of facilities to their ‘get it done’ philosophy. Maintaining safety and customer satisfaction is a high priority for the company. Collectively, IAC and Adelphi continue to serve their customers with professional services and parts all throughout United States as well as Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

About IAC: Founded in 1986 Industrial Accessories Company is a fast-track, high-technology equipment design and fabrication company. As an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract provider serving numerous industries, IAC has delivered countless systems for a wide variety of trusting and satisfied customers.

IAC is strategically located in the center of the US in Kansas City, with field offices on the east and west coasts to be responsive to our customers. For more information on IAC and Adelphi’s corporate capabilities or inquiries about utilizing their services for future projects, please contact Mike Sedler or Will Michaels at   1 (800) 334-7431. Mike can also be reached at and Will can be reached at


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