Protonex Receives $3.0 Million Contract Award to Extend Capabilities of Soldier-Worn Portable Power Management Systems

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA; Protonex Technology Corporation ("Protonex" or "the Company"), a leading provider of advanced portable power solutions, today announced that it has received a $3.0 million contract from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for the development of its next generation soldier-worn portable power managers (SPMs), which dramatically reduce a soldier's logistics burden by minimizing the number and type of batteries a soldier must carry.

Under the terms of this 18-month AFRL contract, Protonex will continue to advance the capabilities of its portable soldier power manager products by delivering reduced size and weight, increased reliability, usability, efficiency, and further ruggedization while reducing its overall costs. The resulting products will automatically and safely maintain power to critical soldier-portable devices and will facilitate the recharging of batteries in a safe manner from a variety of sources.

Protonex' soldier power managers are small, lightweight and easy-to-use power management systems designed to dramatically reduce the number and variety of batteries needed by a soldier, while actively monitoring and managing power usage to assure mission success. These unique systems combine leading edge advances in ultra-high efficiency power conversion, equipment power management, solar power support and energy harvesting technology to charge batteries and simultaneously power radios, computers and other portable military gear. This enables the military to more efficiently use any available field energy source to power virtually any piece of portable electronic gear.

"We are very pleased that, with the continued support of the AFRL, we are able to build upon our current power management capability and products. This will allow us to expand our power management product set. Our power managers are universal, plug-and-play power solutions for our military customers, addressing both on- and off-mission requirements." stated Greg Cipriano, VP, Marketing and Business Development for Protonex. "These unique systems deliver specific portable power capabilities historically unavailable to the soldier and further complement our growing product portfolio for diverse military portable power applications."


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About Protonex Technology Corporation
Protonex develops and manufactures compact, lightweight, high-performance portable power solutions in the 100 to 1000-watt range. These solutions incorporate advanced, proprietary power electronics and fuel cell technology. Our product family is designed to meet the needs of military, commercial and consumer customers for a wide range of off-grid power applications. The Company is headquartered in Southborough, Massachusetts.

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