Protecting The Climate

Phoenix Contact forges ahead with corporate action for the climate and energy revolution

Middletown, Pa. – Phoenix Contact is taking action to combat climate change and to empower the new clean energy revolution. To this end, the corporate strategy is based on the principle of an “All Electric Society” – the vision that enough energy can be generated from renewable sources to stop global warming through comprehensive sustainable electrification of the world.

CEO Frank Stührenberg stated, “The technical dimensions of the climate and energy revolution turn challenges into outstanding opportunities. The All Electric Society vision answers all of the key questions facing our future, because carbon-neutral energy will be the key factor to reconcile climate protection and global prosperity. Phoenix Contact is on the front line of this movement – empowering its partners and customers.”

“Sustainability has always been one of Phoenix Contact’s core values, but today, we are taking a more proactive approach and hope to help shape U.S. policy around these issues,” said Jack Nehlig, president of Phoenix Contact USA. “We look forward to working with state and federal officials to support sustainable development as we move toward the All Electric Society.”

The All Electric Society envisions a world with:

  • unlimited energy based on renewable resources without harmful emissions;
  • sustainable growth and conservation of natural resources; and
  • great growth and development prospects for all markets.

To help make this vision a reality, Phoenix Contact has pledged to become a carbon-neutral company globally. One step toward this goal is the installation of a 1 MW solar panel installation at Phoenix Contact’s U.S. headquarters near Harrisburg, Pa.

Phoenix Contact has also aligned its portfolio of components and solutions to the AES vision, empowering customers to protect the climate through technology and digitalization. The company continues to develop products and solutions to support green industries such as solar power, wind power, and electric vehicles. Phoenix Contact’s expertise in networking, electrification, and automation will help pave the way for important new technologies like energy storage, e-fuels, and sector coupling, which will help balance energy efficiency.

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About Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact develops and manufactures industrial electrical and electronic technology products that power, protect, connect, and automate systems and equipment for a wide range of industries. Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany, operates 50 international subsidiaries, including Phoenix Contact USA in Middletown, Pa.

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