Progeniq Launches New Generation BioBoost(TM) v4.0 Accelerator for Mac OS X

Offers speedup levels over the latest generation multi-core CPUs.

WWDC, SAN FRANCISCO - June 09, 2008 - Progeniq Pte Ltd, a leader in reconfigurable computing applications, today unveiled the next generation BioBoost(TM) v4.0 Accelerator for Mac OS X. The BioBoost accelerates computationally intensive bioinformatics applications, allowing the end user to obtain results orders of magnitude faster, and the Mac to achieve unbeatable price-performance, price-per-sq-foot, and price-per-watt over competing solutions.

Some of the most commonly used Bioinformatics applications like Smith-Waterman, ClustalW, and HMMer can now exploit the tremendous power of BioBoost on Macs to speed up computations by over 50x faster than the latest CPUs. By utilizing Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, the processor is able to 'rewire' itself on the fly according to the application that needs to be accelerated.

"The Progeniq BioBoost(TM) has achieved significant adoption in the market, and we're delighted to continue supporting bioinformatics Mac users with the new generation accelerator" said Darran Nathan, Progeniq's Chief Executive Officer. "The new v4.0 accelerator continues to lead the way in offering significant cost savings for end-users."

The BioBoost v4.0 is available for demo upon request, and immediate shipment. Visit for details.

About Progeniq Pte Ltd, Singapore
Progeniq is a leader in reconfigurable computing applications, with its BioBoost line of products for the life sciences industry already adopted by institutes worldwide. Today Progeniq continues to reinvent the way computing is done by leveraging on the Boost Platform to introduce reconfigurable computing into new compute-intensive industries, increasing the efficiency of computing systems, boosting up performance and slashing cost.

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