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Progeco Introduces the Combi Cycle System Using CETY's Clean Cycle(TM) Waste Heat Generator for Energy Efficiency and Renewables at mcTER Cogeneration Conference in Italy

COSTA MESA, Calif. - Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTC: CETY), a clean tech company offering heat recovery solutions, announced that Progeco s.r.l. introduced its latest Combi Cycle using CETY's Clean Cycle™ ORC heat recovery steam generator at the mcTER Cogeneration Conference in Milan, Italy in June 2016. The mcTER Conference and Exhibition on Applications of Cogeneration showcases technologies and products focused on renewable energy markets, with a particular emphasis in the solid biomass segment.

Combi Cycle is a combined Steam Cycle + Organic Rankine Cycle power generation system, which exploits the thermodynamic properties of steam in the high temperatures and those of the organic fluid more suitable at low temperatures.  Progeco's Steam Cycle expanders are part of the innovative system for combined production of electricity and heat, cascaded with CETY's Clean Cycle™ ORC heat recovery steam generator allowing for efficient cogeneration of electricity and heat in a flexible combined heat and power (CHP) system.

Alessandro Dorigati, President of Progeco stated, "In Europe, the Combi Cycle is having a substantial success thanks to its inherent flexibility.  The heat coming out of the steam turbine can be used either for heating purposes, in a cogenerative configuration, or for producing more electricity in full electric configuration.  Potential applications for the Combi Cycle system are wherever there is solid biomass or waste heat to exploit.  These applications include thermal processes with high temperature exhausts, district heating, wood and furniture production operations, farms and others with available sources of waste biomass.  Because of the scaleable and flexible nature of the Combi Cycle, integrating the CETY Clean Cycle™, there are numerous applications for this interesting technology across a broad spectrum of industries."

Kam Mahdi, CEO of CETY stated, "We are excited to expand our distribution relationship and partnership with Progeco in this new era of cogeneration.  We believe there are enormous growth opportunities in the market for the productive utilization of waste biomass and heat to produce significant amounts of renewable energy on a distributed basis.  We think the Combi Cycle opens the door to much more wide-spread adoption of environmentally sustainable energy solutions.  We at CETY are proud to team with Progeco to lead this next generation of sustainable distributed energy production."

About Clean Energy Technologies, Inc.

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc., designs, builds and markets clean energy products focused on energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable technologies.  The Company's principal product is the Clean Cycle™ generator utilized as the core of ORC and non-ORC heat recovery steam generation systems.  The Clean Cycle™ and related heat recovery steam generation (HRSG) products and services are offered through CETY's Clean Energy HRS subsidiary – also known as Heat Recovery Solutions (  The Clean Cycle™ HRSG system captures waste heat from a variety of sources and turns it into electricity that users can use or sell back to the grid.  CETY's proven cutting-edge technology allows commercial and industrial heat generators, including those generating heat through utilization of waste biomass (as can be done with Progeco's Combi Cycle), to boost their overall energy efficiency with no additional fuel, no additional pollutants, and virtually no maintenance.  CETY's engineering and manufacturing resources support our Heat Recovery Solutions business, as well supporting other clean tech and emerging growth companies with their electronics manufacturing needs.  Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, CETY's common stock is currently traded on the OTC Market under the symbol CETY.  For more information regarding CETY, please visit


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