Profit with PIRTEK, Addictive Mobile Hose Service

"If I invest, will I make money?"

Dallas, TX - That was the bottom-line question when Jim Lager began his search for a new franchise investment opportunity. As a current owner of five mobile tool franchises and previous owner of a hotel franchise, Lager is no newcomer to franchised-based businesses. The savvy, 48-year-old businessman was hunting for long-term financial security that would enable him to live comfortably in his retirement years.

"I was looking for a brick and mortar business opportunity that offered real customer value, which would translate into attractive profit margins," Lager says. "After investigating several franchises from hair salons to exercise facilities, I found PIRTEK. It's a truly exciting and profitable business-to-business opportunity!"

Lager opened a PIRTEK franchise in Dallas, Texas, in October 2010, and he has been pulling in Texas-sized profits ever since. The mobile-based hose and fitting replacement business specializes in minimizing equipment downtime by "manufacturing" replacement hydraulic hose assemblies at customer jobsites. Although all PIRTEK franchises start out with three mobile service vans that are based out of a PIRTEK Hose Center location, Lager has already increased his fleet to nine vans in less than 18 months after business startup.

"It's awesome to see customers become 'addicted' to our onsite service when they realize how much we minimize their equipment downtime and its associated costs. We quickly size up needs, remove failed hose assemblies, manufacture replacement assemblies on location and install them, and make sure the equipment is back up and humming again before leaving the jobsite. Hydraulic hose is everywhere-even underneath your barber's chair!"

Although Dallas is home to what he calls "a ton of hose shops," Lager doesn't fear the so-called competition. "Most hose shops are not geared up for or are interested in mobile service, so they often refer their customers to PIRTEK."

"I'm not a hands-on hose and fitting guy," he says in a matter-of-fact tone. "I concentrate on having a good, solid relationship with my customers and with my employees. My role is to take excellent care of my customers and my employees, and my staff takes care of the rest. This structure allows me to go on vacation, since the nitty-gritty operations don't revolve around me being at the shop every day.

"PIRTEK's business model, as well as its training and ongoing support, is phenomenal. Don't get me wrong. It's not a get-rich-quick formula, and keeping our customers' equipment moving, twisting or turning is certainly not a glamorous business; however, it affords me the lifestyle I was looking for as a business owner.

Rockledge, FL based PIRTEK is the world's leading service provider of ETA 1 Hour On-Site Hose Replacement. PIRTEK offers a 24 hour, 7 day service serving almost every facet of industry including construction, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and engineering just to name a few. When an equipment breakdown occurs, it often results in costly delays in time and labor before the proper replacement hose is located and installed but PIRTEK vans carry the component parts necessary to manufacture hose assemblies on site. Hose and fittings can also be purchased over-the-counter at PIRTEK's Centers which serve as home base to its mobile fleet. There are over 40 PIRTEK Hose Service & Supply Centers nationwide and a fleet of over 200 servicing major metropolitan markets throughout the United States.

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