Processing Fiber Optics with Glenro RADROUND® Heaters

Glenro Inc. recently developed a new application for its RADROUND® Infrared Heaters: processing fiber optics. Glenro RADROUND® heaters are currently used across industries to surround products in uniform heat.

Recently, a customer came to Glenro to see if we had ever dried and cured color coding inks on fiber optics. Glenro RADROUND® infrared heaters have been used in similar applications, but never with fiber optics. However, knowing the versatility of our RADROUND® heaters, we were excited to partner with the client to explore this new application.  Our engineering and system design team then met and exceeded the customer’s expectations with this new application for the process criteria of drying and curing the client’s coding ink for labeling different fiber optic product lines.

The client implemented a horizontal Energy Delivery system, with the RADROUND® heater as the core of the design, into its operation. This equipment operates at the target line speed and is drying and curing the product to the required quality parameters. In addition, thermocouple feedback control allows the operator to make temperature adjustments as needed to work with alternative products on the line.  The system has since been duplicated and is now used on multiple product lines. This innovative use of Glenro equipment resulted in better consistency in product quality, and more importantly, by using Glenro RADROUND® heaters, the client improved their profit margins.

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