Process That Extends Metal Fatigue Life of Bridges Will Be Shown at Upcoming Shot Peening Trade Show

Mishawaka, Indiana - (September 18, 2007) StresstonicR Needle Peening, a
process that extends metal fatigue life of bridges, will be demonstrated at
the Electronics Incorporated (EI) Shot Peening workshop and trade show in
Chandler, Arizona. The event will be held on October 23, 24 and 25, 2007 at
the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Resort.

Shot Peening to Extend the Fatigue Life of Bridges
Shot peening is a
cold-working process in which the material surface is peened to induce
compressive stresses and thereby improve fatigue life. Shot peening is used
in aerospace, automotive, mining, medical and other industries that need to
improve the fatigue properties of metal components. Shot peened welded
joints, like those on bridges, show deep compressive residual stresses and a
significant fatigue life improvement-the Electronics Incorporated reference
library at has over 120 papers
on peening welded metal structures.

Needle Peening with Stresstonic Equipment
Because of access constraints,
peening the welded structure of a bridge requires small portable equipment
that is easy-to-use, generates deep compressive residual stresses and will
not leave behind media that can contaminate the environment. The product
demonstration by Shockform Incorporated at the trade show will feature the
portable StressVoyagerR.

The StressVoyagerR utilizes the Stressonic process where electrical energy
is transferred to mechanical vibration through a piezo-electric sensor. This
sensor vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies (20-40 kHz) but with a very small
displacement. The displacement is therefore amplified through a series of
boosters to provide useful mechanical movement to needles that perform the
peening. The central unit of the StressVoyager weighs approximately 44lbs
and is often moved around on a small wheeled cart as shown. It requires
normal 110V current and a small quantity of compressed air to cool the
peening head. The product is affordable, easy-to-maintain and doesn't
require extensive operator training. It is ideal for bridge crews that are
assigned to the maintenance and repair of steel truss bridges.

The Electronics Inc. Shot Peening Workshop and Trade Show
The workshop will
cover all aspects of shot peening including the proper shot peening
procedures as required by applicable specifications; the products (air and
wheel machines, nozzles, media, and job shop services); how to control the
process through media, intensity, coverage and equipment; how to plot a
saturation curve to determine intensity; how to establish proper machine
parameters to ensure correct stress profiles and fatigue life; proper
paperwork procedures and record keeping; how to pass an audit; how to spot a
machine malfunction; and machine maintenance.

The trade show features innovative products and services for the metal
surface treatment industry and is free to all workshop attendees. Free trade
show passes are available prior to the event for those that aren't attending
the workshop classes. Please contact Electronics Inc. for more information
on obtaining a free trade show pass or if you would like more information on
the StressVoyager.

About Electronics Inc.
Since 1990, EIectronics Incorporated has conducted shot peening workshops
and on-site training programs for individuals and companies worldwide,
including military bases, FAA inspectors, aviation maintenance, repair and
overhaul facilities. EI also manufactures and distributes products that
improve the quality and control of shot peening and blast cleaning

In addition, EI publishes The Shot Peener magazine. It features technical
articles, new applications for the process, and product and services

For more information:
Tom Brickley (574) 256-5001

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