Printed Circuits, Inc. (PCi) Invests in Orbotech Direct Legend Ink Printer

Rigid-flex circuit board manufacturer, Printed Circuits, Inc. has recently purchased and installed a new Orbotech Sprint™ Direct Legend Ink printer at their facility based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The new Orbotech printer is a self contained direct printer and UV cure unit. It features multiple automated serialization and barcoding options, eliminating manual operations and reducing the opportunity for error. It also scales nomenclature in order to match the material movement, eradicating nomenclature on pads.

High depth-of-focus (DOF) multi-depth printing enables uniform legend printing over non-uniform surfaces in one pass, a vast improvement from the current 2-4 times a flexible or rigid-flex circuit goes through the printing process.

The Orbotech Sprint’s fully automated CAM data transfer, shortened prep time, pin-less alignment and unique curing technology look to greatly boost PCi’s productivity and throughput by reducing a 4 hours per side process to 2 minutes.

Printed Circuit Inc. President and CEO, Ken Tannehill commented, "The installation of the Orbotech printer is the next step in our effort to provide our customers with improved lead time, quality and throughput, while reducing their over-all costs.”

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