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Preview for JTAG Technologies for Electronica 2014 Munich Showgrounds, November 11-14, 2014 Hall A1.221

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – JTAG Technologies BV (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), a vendor of test and debug tools based on boundary-scan, will showcase an array of state-of-the-art products in Hall A1.221.

Designer Tasks in JTAG Technologies’ Focus

For a hardware engineer one of the most exciting phases of the design process is to receive the first pass, or A-model, assembly. However, more than likely this will have been built on a small scale with maybe just a handful of assemblies being commissioned. It should work OK because the circuit’s been simulated or maybe the design is based on previous tried and tested logic block. The problem is that a board has been built in such low a volume the manufacturing plant will not have had time to iron out process issues and thus the defect rate will be significantly higher than a ‘normal’ production run. Let’s face it there will be issues and this is where JTAG Technologies boundary-scan test experience is the key help.

This year on stage amongst other products at booth Hall A1, booth # 221:

JTAG’s Acclaimed ProVision Software Suite

The JTAG ProVision software suite is used to generate boundary-scan tests and in-system programming applications for assembled PCBs and systems. This professional development tool is fully automated and supports the import of design data from over 30 different EDA and CAM systems. Other key data inputs are JTAG device BSDL models and a large, well-maintained model library describing thousands of non-JTAG devices.

How it works

With ProVision engineers can rapidly generate a wide range of test and programming applications using a project database. All applications can be optimized, validated and run within the ProVision environment prior to delivery of the finished test sequences to the manufacturing and/or testing facility.

ProVision’s development features are tightly integrated with JTAG Technologies’ advanced test coverage analysis tool and with JTAG Visualizer. Clients can use these tools to rapidly assess the thoroughness of the test during development and to make improvements prior to release.

On stage - JTAG Live

JTAG Live is the economic easy-to-use family of board debug tools from JTAG Technologies. The original offering for JTAG Live, first introduced in November 2009, comprised of three family members: Buzz, Clip and Script. Recently two new products were added to this family: BuzzPlus and AutoBuzz.

Using tools such as JTAGLive for hardware validation and board ‘bring-up’ is convenient and relatively cheap

• free even for the simple Buzz continuity test and pin sampling tool. As clients’ needs and/or test aspirations progress, JTAGLive Script adds the ability to perform logic block testing, memory testing and even flash device programming through a simple set of Python routines. JTAGLive comes complete with a modern look and feel GUI and some neat touches such as automated scan-chain detection system. Best of all, clients probably don’t need to invest in new interface hardware. JTAGLive works with Xilinx and Altera USB ó JTAG ‘controllers’ as well as FTDI Chip based modules.

Experts in Boundary Scan and Functional Testing

Integrating these complementary methods within one platform can provide major benefits to the manufacturing enterprise. Savings result from reduced product handling; fewer test stations, less floor space, a reduction in training requirements, and use of a familiar, unified GUI to the operator. JTAG Technologies demonstrate at electronica 2014 their wide experience and capabilities in Functional Testing.

On stage - Versatile JT5705 Series

JTAG Technologies is also showcasing the latest in its highly regarded range of boundary-scan controller hardware for PCB assembly and system testing– the versatile JT 5705 series. This completely new design concept incorporates both JTAG/boundary-scan controller functions and mixed-signal I/O channels. Extensive input protection is provided to ensure high levels of in-service reliability and low maintenance. Connection to the tester is via a USB interface. Peter van den Eijnden, MD is convinced of the new package: “We have been asked to provide analog stimulus and measurements alongside more traditional digital I/O systems. The new JT 5705s provides all this and more in a really convenient and low-cost package”.

• The first in the series - JT 5705/USB - is supplied as desk-top instrument, primarily aimed at hardware validation applications in design, small-scale production test and in some cases field service and repair. The JT 5705/USB features two 15 MHz TAPs and 64 I/O’s available through 0.1” IDC connectors. 56 of the I/O channels are always digital, 16 of which also feature a frequency function. The remaining 8 channels can be used as either digital I/O or analog I/O. The unit also contains a user programmable FPGA facilitating application specific digital I/O options.

• The second model in this new range is the larger JT 5705/RMI, a 1U high 19” rack-mountable instrument for use in systems or as a bench-top tester. This unit features four 15 MHz TAPs and 4 groups of 64 mixed-signal I/O channels providing a total of 256 I/O’s available through 0.1” IDC connectors. As before, within each 64 channels group, 56 channels are permanently digital with 16 available as frequency inputs. The other 8 channels of each group can be individually programmed as digital I/O or analog I/O channel.

About JTAG Technologies

JTAG Technologies is a market leader and technology innovator of boundary-scan software and hardware products and services. The company was the first to bring to the market such important advances as automated test generation, automated fault coverage analysis, automated flash and PLD programming via boundary-scan, and visualized boundary-scan analysis. Its customers include world leaders in electronics design and manufacturing such as Ericsson, Flextronics, Honeywell, Medtronic, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Raytheon, Rockwell-Collins, Samsung, and Sony. Its innovative boundary-scan products provide test preparation, test execution, test result analysis and in-system programming applications. With an installed base of over 7500 systems worldwide, JTAG Technologies serves the communications, medical electronics, avionics, defence, automotive, and consumer industries with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. JTAG Technologies headquarters are located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. For more information please visit

Press contact: Renate Fritz, RF Communications, Germany

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