Preventing Slip and Fall Incidents

Preventing Slips and Falls

In 2013, workplace injuries and accidents that caused employees to miss six or more days of work cost employers $62 billion. That is more than $1 billion per week. The leading causes of the injuries were overexertion and slip and fall incidents.

Ways to prevent Slip and Fall Accidents:

1. Look for light: If a worker goes out to the loading dock and can see light, rain or snow can find its way onto the pavement creating a slippery surface.

2. Have tight seals on your trailer and dock.

3. Use an HVLS fan. The fan can help combat precipitation as well as condensation.

4. Use moisture absorbent mats

5. Display “wet floor” signs

Three Sixty Safety will view the potential hazards in your workplace and help you to remedy the issues. Our Goal: Everyone Goes Home Safe…Every Day!

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