PresenterNet Unveils Strategy for Integration

Carlsbad, CA - PresenterNet, provider of online interactive Web presentation services, today announced extensive plans for integrating its interactive media technology with applications.

According to PresenterNet CEO Douglas Wolfgram, the company is responding to its many customers who already use PresenterNet's data capture to populate contact data bases on "Our users want direct integration with, because the information gathered by PresenterNet's Interactor(tm) technology is so valuable for ongoing CRM operations," he explained.

InterActors added to onscreen media enable audiences of online presentations to become participants by entering customer-specific responses to presentation material. PresenterNet's system captures this data for a variety of CRM uses.

"Our customers want a closed-loop system that identifies prospects within Webinar audiences, along with valuable follow-up data," reported Wolfgram. "Our interactive media integrated with new technologies by will make that a reality."

PresenterNet has been interviewing key customers to develop a functional specification that the company will soon complete. Along with that specification, PresenterNet will publish a detailed application brief describing the Closed Loop Application Environment. Product launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2006.

"We expect to work with a strong group of beta users," Wolfgram said. "Our customers include people who have strong skills in Web conferencing and online presentation applications. By gaining their insight, we will enable closed loop applications that will become leadership capabilities in this industry."

Additional information about PresenterNet's InterActor technology is available at

About PresenterNet:

PresenterNet's online services emphasize high-impact interactive presentations, data collection from prospect interactions, database applications and customized reporting. The company has committed all of its products to compatibility with industry standards, such as Macromedia Flash, Macromedia FlashPaper, Microsoft Internet Explorer, PowerPoint(tm), Mozilla Firefox, Linux, and Apple Macintosh, as well as emerging technology leaders like Skype. PresenterNet's founders have been developing and implementing sales and marketing technologies for nearly 25 years. Past clients have included Toshiba, SGI, Philips, NEC, ITT, Litton, Fujitsu, and HP.

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