Precision Medical Products Inc. (PMP) Invests in Another Sodick Injection Molding Press, Model GA50

This adds additional capacity for its precision injection molding operations in its Denver facility.  PMP is once again aligning with Sodick Plustech's signature "V-Line" technology that separates the plasticizing and injection stages for better shot consistency and control.  Specialized Precision Molding (SPM), Shrewsbury PA, which was acquired by PMP in 2002, was the first molding house on the East coast to invest in this technology.  Since the first machine, a TR40S3, was purchased in 1999, PMP and SPM have invested in 5 additional Sodick machines.  PMP utilizes Sodick presses ranging from 40 Ton to 180 Ton.

"Customers are consistently requesting smaller parts with greater intricacies and seeking scalable mid to high volume tooling solutions using hot runner technology," says Gary Hershner, PMP Molding Engineer. Hershner adds "The nucleus of our molding operation falls between the 40 to 60 Tons and requires smaller shot volume capabilities as evidenced in the selection of a 14 cubic centimeter plasticizing/injection unit.  The additional molding capacity in this range will help accelerate time to market for our customers and allow for increased manufacturing capacity." This capital purchase compliments PMP's existing injection molding capabilities and solidifies the company's role as a solutions provider of medical device parts requiring tight tolerances and precision injection molding.

Precision Medical Products (PMP) is the preferred choice for medical device outsourcing representing over 50 years of solid experience as one of the leading manufacturers and contract packagers for medical devices.  PMP offers medical device assembly, medical device manufacturing, medical contract packaging and pharmaceutical contract packaging in ISO Certified Clean Rooms (Class 7 and Class 8).

For additional information please contact Steve Beversluis, Director of QA/RA and Business Development. (717-335-3700)

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