Precision Digital Announces MeterView EX Programming Software for PD6730 and PD6830 Pulse Input Flow Rate / Totalizers

Precision Digital Corporation, global leader in digital panel meters and control instrumentation, today announced MeterView EX Programming Software for the Vantageview PD6730 and ProtEX PD6830 Pulse MeterView EX Programming Software Input Flow Rate / Totalizers. MeterView EX provides plant operators with full control of the meter configuration process using an intuitive layout and an easy-to-understand interface. Clearly labeled menus enable quick programming of the powerful functions provided in the PD6730 and PD6830 meters. MeterView EX is available for free at

MeterView EX features tabs that present the logical location of specifically related functions and programming elements. Tabs include K-Factor, Display, Pulse Output, 4-20 mA Output, Data Logging, and more. Within each tab, the features are organized by related item. Drop-down menus help to avoid confusion when selecting settings. Copying one meter configuration to another, as well as saving or retrieving meter configurations, is a straightforward process. Configurations can also be printed in list form.

An on-board meter data log holds up to 1024 records and can be downloaded to the PC. Each logged record contains the date, time, rate, total, grand total, and log number.

MeterView EX eliminates a lot of button pushing and minimizes confusion when setting up a Vantageview PD6730 or ProtEX PD6830 Explosion-Proof rate / totalizer. A PDA8068 meter-to-USB adapter is available for quick & easy connection to a PC for programming the meter. RS-485 to RS-232 or USB adapters are also available for those meters with the on-board RS-485 option installed.

Availability & Pricing

MeterView EX Programming Software is available as a free download (serial communications adapter required). Detailed information can be found at:

MeterView EX programming software

Vantageview PD6730 NEMA 4X plastic field-mounted pulse input rate/totalizer

ProtEX PD6830 explosion-proof pulse input rate / totalizer

PDA8068 Computer USB Adapter

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Established in 1974, Precision Digital manufactures a comprehensive line of digital display and control instrumentation for demanding industrial applications. The core of the company's products is the ProVu® family of digital panel meters, featuring large, dual-line 6-digit displays, advanced signal input conditioning, programmable function keys, MODBUS® RTU serial communications, and control of up to eight relays. Other products include loop-powered indicators, rate/totalizers, scanners and annunciators, and temperature indicators and controllers. Certified to UL, CSA, FM, ATEX, IECEx, CE, and NEMA standards, the company's process meters and controllers reliably perform in challenging environments. For hazardous areas, the ProtEX® series of process meters features explosion-proof housings. Precision Digital is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. For more information, see

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