Precision Centerless Grinding Solution Provider, Glebar Company, Delivers a Centerless Form Grinder for Deodorant Balls

Ramsey, NJ, March 24, 2020 -- Precision centerless grinding solution provider, Glebar Company, delivered a solution for grinding deodorant balls while reducing cycle times and improving throughput.

Glebar developed ball grinding for the golf ball industry in the 1960s using centerless grinding fundamentals. The process was adapted to grind deodorant balls and other spherical or cylindrically shaped components. Glebar machines can grind most hard to turn materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, and polypropylene. In this application, Glebar designed and manufactured its PG-9BHD Centerless Form Grinder for 1” and 1.4” deodorant balls while meeting the customer’s cycle time and surface finish requirements. The grinding process was used to remove mold flash around the equator of the ball while imparting a texture used to transfer the deodorant adequately without bottle leakage.

“Using a 10” wide work wheel, the PG-9BHD produces multiple components per cycle while maintaining tolerances of +/- 0.002” in this simple application,” said John Bannayan, Chief Technical Officer at Glebar Company. “Finer tolerances can be achieved depending on the material being processed and the machine platform that the application calls for. For small super magnet spheres (~0.060”) made from rare earth materials such as Neodymium for example, a servo based system can produce multiple spheres precisely from a sintered cylinder.”

In this specific application a stainless steel hopper automatically drops deodorant balls into the ball feeder channeling them into singular stations on the plunge grinder. Within a 10 second cycle, up to eight 1” balls or up to six 1.4” balls can be ground simultaneously. The oscillating regulating wheel assembly rotates the deodorant balls randomly improving sphericity. The PG9BHD is also available in a CE Certified design featuring an interlocking safety enclosure and touch screen HMI. A servo driven version is also available which includes all the benefits of connectivity, remote connection, gaging, automation integration, and precise positioning.

The PG-9BHD has been used for this process for decades because of its consistency, reliability, and low maintenance requirements. To learn more about the PG-9BHD Centerless Form Grinder watch the video on Glebar’s YouTube Channel and visit the PG-9BDH machine page on Glebar’s website.

About Glebar Company
Glebar Company ( is an innovative, vertically integrated, process improvement company that designs and configures its standard platform of modular precision centerless grinding machine systems to provide turnkey, custom solutions for its customers. The company focuses on delivering a process to its customers, while maximizing customer return on investment. Founded in 1952, Glebar serves companies all over the world, across many market segments including medical, industrial, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, and mining. Its machines are known for their precision, longevity, flexibility, and efficiency.

Glebar machines are made to the highest quality and safety standards and are backed by a 24/7 customer service operation which includes a team of technicians, design engineers, and customer service representatives. The company also stocks stand-by inventory of critical parts and tooling for next-day delivery in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. It employs a dedicated applications team conducting research and development activities, customer process enhancement, and pushing the limits of grinding wheel technology. Glebar is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and is ITAR Registered.

In 2020 Glebar Company acquired Electrochemical Grinding (ECG) technology solutions leader Tridex Technology. Both companies offer innovative turnkey manufacturing solutions designed to improve cycle times, maintain quality levels, and allow operators to easily set up and run multiple machines.

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