Powermate Solved the Challenge of Workers Risk of Injury when Manually Handling Beer Kegs

In a bulletin posted on the Ministry of Labour website (https://www.labour.gov.on.ca) it was identified that “Workers are at a high risk of injury when manually handling beer kegs. They can develop musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), particularly in the back and shoulders, when lifting, lowering, and/or carrying a keg. As well, they can be injured if struck by kegs due to loss of control when handling. Kegs are primarily found in breweries, delivery trucks, liquor/beer stores, restaurants, bars, and pubs.”

It was further noted that “A full 50-58.6 litre beer keg usually weighs about 61.2 to 72.6 kg (135-160 lbs). There is an increased risk of injury when workers are required to lift, lower or carry kegs of this weight, either on their own or with another worker. Using two workers to lift, lower or carry kegs may present hazards due to high forces/weights, the adoption of awkward postures, limited hand holds and the risk of one worker bearing most of the weight if the second worker slips or loses his or her grip on the keg.”

L P International Inc./Powermate, widely known for their motorized stair climbing hand trucks and powered interior LiftGates solved this challenge with two Lift Cart models. The all-in-one carts will lift, move and position your loads increasing safety and productivity.

The LC-7 lift cart was designed specifically for the distribution and sales of beer cases and kegs; it is capable of lifting 250 pounds with ease and turning in a 30 inch aisle and is in use at alcohol retail locations across Ontario.

The LC-1E cart was designed more specifically for moving kegs. Capable of lifting 500lbs or two full size kegs and positioning them for warehousing or even loading directly into a customer`s vehicle.

The Lift Carts show PowerMate`s continued commitment to customers requiring safe, ergonomic quality lifting solutions for their retail spaces.

For more information call 1-800-697-6283 or visit the company's website at www.PowerMate.info.

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