PowerMate®/L P International Inc. Continues to Expand into Global Markets

Brantford, Ont.,  – PowerMate,® / L P International Inc., is not just a major industry leader in North America when it comes to manufacturing and distributing Safety Moving Systems.

The company also has a large international presence that continues to expand. PowerMate ®/L P International Inc. has been growing into markets in Northern and Central Europe, along with Scandinavian countries for the past 35 years, with new markets opening up each year.

The company has been successful partly due to European nations often having lifting laws on the books, requiring that if a 45-pound load or higher is to be moved, a lifting device such as a PowerMate®  product is required.

PowerMate ®/L P International Inc. has a network of distributors in the United Kingdom, Germany France, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, and what sets the company apart is that it manufactures every product it ships overseas to CE specifications.

“Our products move 300-650 kilos regularly,”  said Lee Jeavons, general manager for PowerMate ®/L P International Inc. “That’s where our products really work well for our customers overseas.”

Another way that the company is helping out its global customers is by now translating some of its user manuals found on its website into other languages. PowerMate ®/L P International Inc. now has landing pages on its site for 28 languages, and has recently translated all user manuals into German, with Spanish and other languages to come.

PowerMate®/L P International Inc. also recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of its 35,000 square foot headquarters in Brantford, Ontario.

For more information on PowerMate®/L P International Inc., please call 1-800-697-6283, and visit the company’s website at http://www.PowerMate.info.

You can also find PowerMate® on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/powermate, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/powermate,

and on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/company/l-p-international-inc.-powermate.


L P International Inc. is a privately owned Canadian Company.  Although founded in 1982, the Company has been producing and selling PowerMate® products since 1977. 

Currently headquartered in Brantford, Ontario, it has made steady growth by expanding sales World Wide.  Our Company manufactures and distributes a line of unique motorized electric stair climbing hand trucks. PowerMate® Moving Systems are without question some of the most innovative products available today for the safe movement of heavy and awkward loads. Conforming to the European CE requirements, PowerMate® has acquired safety approvals throughout the World.

The PowerMate® Stair Climbing Hand Trucks have been widely used for many years for powering loads up and down stairs, on and off vehicles/loading docks and across flat surfaces, while keeping the load in a safe and well-balanced position at all times. L P International is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of PowerMate®. We have nearly 40 years of business expertise in safety moving systems.

Our business is built on product value and customer relationships; we partner with companies to assist in achieving their objectives. We are a best in class operator training and post-sales support.

PowerMate® started in selling its products in Europe in the early 80's. At this time, the acceptance to labor saving safety equipment was far greater than in North America.  The European introduction to the European Conformity CE to the 45 pound maximum manual lifting regulations strengthened PowerMate® sales in Europe.

This type of regulation is becoming more and more common.

While our International Business continues to grow, we are experiencing continual growth in the sale of our lifting devices in North America. Health and safety have taken on an elevated level of priority. 

Many companies tell us health and safety is of equal importance to profit. Companies from all industries recognize that injuries cost money - money that comes directly off their bottom line!

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