Powerful Super Concentrated Cleaners Reduce Shipping Costs

....and are environmentally safe

The absolute majority of chemical cleaners and degreasers available on the market today are offered in concentrated form. The typical concentrations for general degreasers and cleaners are 1:4 - 1:12.

But, the IPAX super concentrated industrial cleaners program are delivered in super concentrated form. IPAX super concentrated cleaners and degreasers are readily diluted by water to obtain the same concentration as other cleaners and degreasers. This results in exponential savings in transportation costs.

Performance, cost and safety are the still the principle driver in formulating IPAX SC cleaners.  These formulations maintain integrity and performance while reducing water weight while transporting to the users' site. Then these products are easily diluted by simply adding water at the point of use.  The result is high performance cleaners for much less!

The various IPAX Super Concentrated cleaners described below are available in 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes and in 20,000 gallon tank quantities. 


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Unikleen was formulated for power washing, parts cleaning, press cleaning, floor scrubbing, die cleaning, oil tank cleaning and cement cleaning.  It was developed to replace hazardous chemicals used for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing in industrial facilities. Ipax pioneered this green seal certified degreaser over 30 years ago and the leading manufacturer of environmentally preferable chemicals. Green Unikleen has been a trusted brand of the big three, steel, cleaning and oil industries.

Oil and grease is effectively broken down and suspended for easy recovery high performance cleaning. Unikleen is also widely used in the oil industry for platform cleaning, maintenance and recovery.

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EMULSOR is used for parts washing, press cleaning, floor scrubbing and die cleaning.  This cutting-edge heavy duty cleaner and degreaser is specifically designed to perform as a powerful solvent, yet is water soluble, non-flammable and environmentally preferable. Emulsor is used on the most difficult tasks and has the highest performance rating.

It is also ideal cleaner and degreaser for metal surfaces, floors and die cleaning. Emulsor can replace solvents in most applications. Moreover, it can be used to remove fresh paint and passes the crater test.

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EXLIME is ideal to clean calcium deposits, boron deposits, rust removal, boiler cleanout and oil or filter cake removal. EXLIME is a heavy-duty acid replacement product. It was originally designed to clean out calcium deposits in closed pipe re-circulating applications. EXLIME has been fine tuned to be safe and effective for applications covering removal of: rust, calcium, lime deposits, boron deposits, and to remove scale buildup.

This unique formulation has a performance of 80% in comparison to HCl, however it does not have harmful properties associated with acid.  It will not burn or cause irritation by vapor.

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UniSource  is intended for tile cleaning, floor scrubbing, stone floor cleaning and deodorizingand is an ultra-versatile product that cleans, shines, deodorizes and disinfects with the power of pine oil. After application, a micro coating will protect the surface and reduce scuff marks, grit and salt erosion.

Applying UniSource will restore the floor's original slip resistance.  It was developed to eliminate the need for many specialty cleaning products such as sealers, deodorizers and spray-buffing products.

Unisource also extends the life of existing floor finish significantly and can be used on all floor surfaces.

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Krystal Clear is used for Glass Cleaning, Mirror Cleaning, Stainless Steel Cleaning, Chrome Cleaning, Leather Cleaning and Vinyl Cleaning It is an environmentally preferable high performance, non-streaking cleaner. The IPAX formulation does not contain ammonia, alcohols or vinegars as commonly found in most cleaners.

This proprietary blend can be used on multiple surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, chrome, vinyl and leather. When applied to LCD monitors or finished surfaces, Krystal Clear reduces dust accumulation by helping to neutralize the static build-up.

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