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In our unique corner of the gear industry, our customers come from a variety of industries and we pride ourselves on staying informed about the markets we serve. One trend we have witnessed recently is an increase in demand in a sector of the specialty automotive industry: power take-off gear manufacturing.

Power Take-Off Units

Power take-offs, or PTO's, take power from a power source and transmit it to another application. A common example is a vehicle such as a truck or tractor’s engine powering attachments or secondary machines. By taking power from the existing engine, PTO's allow vehicles to perform a secondary function without the need for an additional engine to power them.

Power transmission from an engine through a PTO to an attachment is typically a straightforward process. A vehicle’s engine creates rotation, which drives the transmission. The transmission is in mesh with the PTO gear, which rotates the PTO output shaft. The attached equipment is either mounted directly to the PTO or is connected by a driveshaft. One of the most important pieces of this entire process is the PTO gear.

PTO Applications

Power take-off units can be used in many different industries and applications. They are frequently used in agricultural pumps, valves, and controls, as well as forestry and municipal equipment machinery, such as cranes, mowers, feeders, road sweepers, and firefighting equipment.

In construction, power take-offs are frequently used on equipment and machinery from backhoe loaders, dump trucks, loaders, and rough terrain forklift trucks.

Another example is in the mining industry, where PTOs are used with valves and pumps on underground trucks and loaders, and in the marine industry in motorized, electrical, and hydraulic winches.

Power take-off units are used extensively in hydraulic systems on transport vehicles, from waste collecting trucks, crane trucks, car carrier trucks, low loader trucks, and vacuum trucks, among many more.

Power Take-Off Gear Manufacturing

Gear Motions is uniquely positioned to partner with power take-off manufacturers for their gearing needs.

We have an extensive history of working with customers in the specialty automotive industry, including manufacturing gearing for superchargers, power take-off units, differentials, motorcycle parts, and more. Our team specializes in working with unique applications and demanding specifications, seeing each project through from start to finish, concept to finished product.

Not only do we have expertise, but we also use some of the best precision gear manufacturing equipment in the industry. Gear Motions recently made significant investments in gear grinding and automation technology, allowing us to achieve quality and productivity like we have never seen before.

Our gear production capabilities include precision ground spur and helical gears, custom made in the USA. Whether big or small, high or low volume, we strive to exceed expectations on every custom gear order.

If you are a power take-off manufacturer, we want to hear from you. Contact our sales engineers to have a conversation about your gearing needs and let us share our PTO gear manufacturing expertise with you.

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