Powder Processing & Technology, LLC Adds Spray Dryer to Innovative Materials Center

Dryer Addition Provides Improved Capability for Materials Technology Companies Looking Toward PPT to Overcome Hurdles to Commercialization

PPT has added a 9’6” diameter Anhydro spray dryer to the Innovative Materials Center (IMC), providing a substantial upgrade in the variety of materials and conditions that PPT can pursue in meeting clients’ requirements for a spray dried powder. PPT’s IMC is explicitly designed to meet the demands from clients who have developed new materials or modified existing materials and need to speed them to market. Bridging the gap between laboratory development and commercial success is a huge obstacle for materials technology companies. More and more these firms have reached out to PPT to assist them in making the jump. The IMC can process quantities from laboratory scale to pilot scale (a few Kgs ~ 2,000 Kg) before moving to mass production in the client’s own facility or in the PPT production facilities.

PPT’s success is built on an experienced and capable staff surrounded by an existing investment in pilot scale processing assets that translate into successful development. PPT excels in understanding the needs of clients and converting a development plan into a successful product launch. Professional support is available from engineers with advanced degrees in materials engineering and over 150 years combined experience.

The types of ceramics powder development processing equipment available in the IMC include:

Spray Dryers                    Rotary Calciners

Sintering Furnaces           Grinding Mills

Mixing Equipment             Classification Equipment

Pelletizers                         Mix/Blend Tanks

All are supported with a fully equipped analytical laboratory.

Among the industries/markets served by PPT are:

Energy Storage Materials              Fuel Cell (SOFC) Materials

Battery Materials                            Super capacitor Materials

Electronic Materials                        Catalyst Materials

Advanced Ceramic Materials          Abrasive Materials

Refractory Materials                        Fire/flame Retardant Materials

Oxide Coating Materials                  Inorganic Compounds

Agricultural Materials                       Minerals

Please email Ms. Kim Yim, IMC Director of Business Development, with any questions at: kyim@pptechnology.com

Powder Processing & Technology, LLC, located in Valparaiso, IN, is a process development and custom processing company specializing in the powder processing of ceramics and inorganic chemicals. It has worked with many of the world’s leading materials technology companies in their quest to commercialize best in class materials technology.

contact: Regina Hofferth

Powder Processing & Technology

Marketing Coordinator

Email: rhofferth@pptechnology.com

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