Portico Systems(TM) and Enclarity(TM) Partner to Deliver Advanced Solution for Accurate Provider Data Quality

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 12: Portico Systems, the leader in Provider Network Management solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Enclarity, Inc., a company focused on improving the integrity and reliability of healthcare data. Portico Systems and Enclarity are working together to help health plans ensure accurate provider data across their organizations, enhance operational efficiency, speed payments and improve their relationships with providers. The new partnership will help health plans cleanse provider data as well as enable intelligent distribution across the enterprise.

"Provider data has long been fraught with errors caused by outdated information or inaccurate data entry, and the impact on health plans is massive," said Sean Downs, Enclarity's CEO and president. "More than 40 percent of provider records have errors or missing data - costing healthcare payers more than $26 billion every year."

"Poor provider data quality is one of the biggest challenges health plans face, and it's clearly an unnecessary cost burden," said Nanci Ziegler, executive vice president of market strategy and business development at Portico Systems. "While cleansing data is a critical first step, the benefits of cleansed data will only be realized through successful assimilation of this data into health plans' business processes and systems. Our combined solution enables the clean data to be leveraged into a plan's unique business processes and workflows through seamless integration."

Enclarity's ProviderPoint(TM) solution analyzes internal provider data to identify inaccurate and incomplete information. It then delivers updated actionable information monthly to ensure that all provider data entries are current and accurate.

Portico(R) Data Services Solution allows health plans to manage the receipt and distribution of any incoming provider data. It enables a business rules-driven analysis of the incoming data to determine business impacts on existing provider data and a resolution workflow to resolve adverse impacts. The flexible integration capabilities of the solution enable automated distribution to systems that require this data. As a result, health plans can easily assimilate accurate data and ensure a long-term data quality solution, while dramatically reducing the cost of data administration.

About Portico Systems

Portico Systems offers health plans software solutions exclusively focused on unlocking the value of Provider Network Management. Our hallmark Portico Provider Platform empowers health plans to infuse agility into their provider network management functions while delivering actionable provider information. The platform streamlines provider network processes while accelerating new revenue streams, enhancing employee effectiveness and optimizing provider relationships. Portico Systems is a partner company of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE:SFE), www.safeguard.com/. For more information, please contact Chris Jones at cjones@porticosys.com or 484-533-6241. You may also visit our website at http://www.porticosys.com/.

About Enclarity

Enclarity(TM) brings new solutions to fight an old problem for healthcare and insurance payers: provider data errors. The company's software uses advanced analytics and proprietary technology coupled with a massive referential database and telephone verification to clean provider files, assuring the data is accurate and current, increasing the productivity and profitability of our customers.

Enclarity Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif. For more information, visit http://www.enclarity.com/.

Better provider data right now.(TM)

Source: Portico Systems

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